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ACP Technologies Sublimation Solutions® History


Mike and Debbie Onushco founded ACP Technologies in Punta Gorda, Florida, located 100 miles south of Tampa and 20 miles north of Fort Myers in Southwest Florida. Through the years, ACP Technologies has developed an unmatched level of support for sublimation technology.



Where we have been.


Our experience with sublimation started in 1981. In order to print the mirrored image required for a sublimation transfer, we used a 3M copier that had its mirrors reversed. Different toner hoppers slid in and out of the copier one at a time so that we could print different colors. Transfers printed with spots all over the page, called blasting, that had to be cut out with an Exacto knife. We always thought the spots were so named because any time you saw them, you felt like "blasting"  the transfer. Computers weren't mainstream, so there wasn't an easy way to create artwork. We used a Kroy 80 Lettering Machine and a StripPrinter to create copy, which was an absolute nightmare. The technology we were using was rudimentary at best, and to top it all off, the copier cost was $3500. We printed sublimated images for about a year and then said "enough is enough".
Sublimation finally started to make sense in the early 90's with the release of HP LaserJet 3 printers, sublimation toner cartridges, and  CorelDRAW. We began to see a place for us on the wholesale side of the sublimation industry, and in 1991 started the business that would eventually become ACP Technologies. What place did we see? We saw companies selling sublimation toner cartridges who did not understand computers, printers and graphics software, while we did understand them. We saw an emerging industry where we could provide our customers sublimation support that was not being provided by our competitors. This was the beginning of the business model we developed. During the summer of 1996 we were selected to be one of the four companies to release SubliJet inks for the Epson Stylus Pro printer, and have supported every Sawgrass supported printer platform for sublimation since.

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Debbie demonstrating SubliJet Inks & the Epson Stylus Pro XL Printer at the 1997 Chicago Awards & Recognition Association Trade Show


Who we are.


Our business model today focuses around this thought: "It is our pledge to you that we will always try to see things from your perspective and do what is best for you. ACP will never look at you as just a sale, but as a partner. With ACP Technologies, you get a company that can provide you with a knowledge of sublimation unmatched in the industry, and a company who is  truly dedicated to your success."
Today, we are proud of the day-to-day work ACP does to make our customers successful and the care we take assuring that each time we ship product to a customer, we ship correctly. We have had some particularly vexing questions over the years and we are proud of the way ACP has been able to solve them. You've met our staff, and we are very proud of the team we have assembled here



Where we are going.


Our first thirty years of sublimation has been an amazing journey. In the future we expect to see improved technology (printers, inks, heat presses, software), new substrates, and new markets. We expect to go on doing what we do, providing the kind of service to our customers that helps grow their business as well as the sublimation industry. Most of all, we strive to create an environment where the ACP Team enjoys handling future challenges.



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