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Thanks again for your tremendous interest and help in solving the problem we were having with our Epson printer.  Your persistence investigating the solution saved us thousands of dollars.  You and ACP have demonstrated again that you are among an elite group of businesses that put integrity and service above sales and profit.  It would have been much easier and more profitable for ACP had you simply taken my order for a new printer.  But, as I have come to know over the years, that is not how you or ACP does business.  I want you to know that we appreciate that very much.





Hi Shanna

I had to respond to your latest news letter.

The tips are great, I always look forward to reading them - there always seems to be something new to learn with Corel Draw.

Thank you for the article about Mike and Debbie. I first met Mike at a business show (many years ago), he persuaded me to purchase a Seiko sublimation printer, which was really expensive by today's standards. Over the years, the printers changed regularly. The LazerJets let us add multiple colours to our prints, one pass at a time. You would be doing it over if the alignment was off. 

I am now using the Ricoh, which is the most reliable yet. That is not to say that there isn't room for improvement because there is that.

Over the years, I have built up a nice sublimation business printing name tags and plaques. I couldn't have done it without the help of Mike and the staff at ACP, who have supported our business through some tight places.

Thanks to everyone at ACP and to Mike for the great support over the years.




Referral from one member of an awards buying group to another.


Iím sure you will get several recommendations from other members. As usual some of our members always look at cost. Iím usually more interested in customer service and support from my vendors, and Iím willing to spend a bit more to get the best support and service. Weíve been buying all our printers and inks from ACP Technologies in Punta Gorda, Florida.  Mike Onushco has been in the sublimation ink and printer business for many years and has always provided the top notch service an support we are looking for. His contact information is as follows: 800-741-2551 phone, 941-637-6967 fax, email, and website. Our old Epson 4000 died this morning and we will be getting one of the Epson 4880 machines to replace our dead machine we purchased back in 2004. Our extended warranty we purchased on the original Epson 4000 ran out in November 2007. Epson had replaced our original machine in 2005 with a factory refurbished machine that lasted until today. I would not consider one of the smaller printers because they are really made as a home or small office occasional color inkjet print machine, and those small machines are really not suitable for daily use in a commercial setting making multiple prints. We have always used the Sawgrass inks as they have ended up owning the market for small format sublimation with the successful defense of their patents against Tropical Graphics, Texas Original Graphics and other companies that were selling inks in violation of the Sawgrass patents. I would definitely insist on purchasing the machine and inks from someone who has an awards industry focus. There are other Epson Professional Products resellers who would be happy to sell you machines, but it is very difficult to find price cutters for these professional series printers. It is essential that your supplier be in a position to understand what you are producing and have tech support for sublimation inks that are far different than the standard Epson UltraChrome K3ô with Vivid Magenta. Feel free to give me a call if you would like additional information.


North Dakota



Hi Mike and Debbie:

Just wanted you both to know how pleased we are with the printer.  The quality of the prints is awesome.  Did have some good artwork going in though... must say that. 

Have not done really 'big' jobs yet, but have 3 lined up right now, and done some smaller ones.  I just printed one sample of everything that is needed for these big orders, it's all in the print queue and ready to go when the shirts are here.  Very nice, did not have to re-do or adjust anything. 

One of them is 70 pieces, the other 22, and one is 50 pieces. Not bad huh?






Mike & Todd

Thank you for all of your assistance with my 1800 and for your help with the 1400 that I just received.  You both are so patient and knowledgeable.  I really appreciate you as a contact/vendor.  My printer is working just fine - just need to work on matching the colors!

Thank you again for all of your help.




Todd, first thanks for the driver!!  Jan and I would also like to thank you and Mike for taking time to answer questions and help us get things going.  Your attention to us newbies was greatly appreciated.  I look forward to a good business relationship with you!! J



Thank You Shanna! And Thank you for your technical advice. We were able to solve the problem and move forward with production. If ACP ever needs a customer recommendation, I am your man.


South Carolina


I wanted to let you know that I read every newsletter you send out and think they are a great idea to give us helpful hints (the printer feature below) and special deals (the cups).  Iím sure you donít get much feedback from people just to say ĎI read themí but I wanted you to know that they are very valuable to companies who value input from their suppliers.  Iíve been doing business with ACP for over 6 years and think yaíll are the greatest.  Iíve recently talked to Mike and Todd and expressed those same feelings to them.  I appreciate our business relationship and thank you again for taking the time to create such nice newsletters and keeping us informed.




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