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CreativeStudio is fully compatible with Windows 10 upgrades and new installations.

PowerDriver and ChromaBlast Drivers

All versions of PowerDriver for Virtuoso are compatible with Windows 10 upgrades and new installations.
For users of other platforms, there are minimum versions of PowerDriver/ChromaBlast Driver required to be compatible with Windows 10.

  • Virtuoso Systems
    • N/A
  • SubliJet-R/ChromaBlast-R Systems
    • All Ricoh Printers: Minimum Version 3.6.0 
  • SubliJet-IQ Systems
    • Epson Artisan 1430: Minimum Version 3.6.0
    • Epson Stylus Pro 4880: Minimum Version 4.5.8
  • SubliJet-E Professional Systems
    • Epson SC T3270: Minimum Version 4.2.1 
    • Epson SC T3000: Minimum Version 3.6.8 

For users of systems not listed above, there is no compatible PowerDriver/ChromaBlast software available. We recommend these users do not upgrade to Windows 10.


Customers currently running Sawgrass WinProfile will be able to update to Windows 10 on their existing computer without any compatibility issues.

Users who wish to install WinProfile on a new Windows 10 computer will be able to do so only for the following systems. Customers looking to install a WinProfile solution for a printer not included on this list should not attempt to do so on a computer running Windows 10:

  • SubliJet-E Professional Systems
    • Epson SC T3270/5270/7270: Minimum Version 1.1.0 
    • Epson SC T3000/5000/7000: Minimum Version 1.1.0
    • Epson Stylus Pro 7700/9700: Minimum Version 3.0.2 
    • Epson Stylus Pro 7890/9890: Minimum Version 3.0.2 
  • SubliJet-IQ Pro Photo Systems
    • Epson Stylus Pro 7890/9890: Minimum Version 1.1.0 
Before Upgrading to Windows 10

Determine Which Version of PowerDriver You Have

Visit to determine which version of PowerDriver/ChromaBlast is installed on your system.

If it is a version that is earlier than the minimum versions listed above, upgrade to the latest version. Registration/login will be required for access.

If Necessary, Upgrade to the Latest Version

Visit the Product Support Wizard at

Enter in your system information to install the latest software for your printer. Follow the instructions provided, including running the installation in compatibility mode (see right).

NOTE: Customers installing PowerDriver/ChromaBlast Driver onto a computer already running Windows 10 should ONLY install the most recent version available for their platform.


Compatibility Mode Notice

During the installation of Sawgrass software, customers may receive a warning: "This version of Windows is not supported." They should click OK when they see this warning.

A second warning will appear:

Selecting “Run the program with compatibility settings” allows the installation to proceed properly.


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