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Sublimation Heat Presses - Insta's Model 929 - High Speed Digital Label Press

Insta answered the industry’s request for high speed label application with the Model 929 Pic n’ Place heat press machine.  This pneumatic heat press is equipped with an automatic label placement device which has been specifically designed for the rapidly growing heat transfer label industry.  Its hands free, precision placement makes the Model 929 the perfect label application machine.  The 929 is chosen for its automated high speed application capability, with an average throughput of 25 dozen per hour, and its ability to achieve consistent results under 24/7 use. The Model 929 has been strategically designed to generate & evenly distribute tremendous pressure throughout the entire platen.  And, its cast-in tubular heating element heats the metal from within, to produce constant and long lasting heat.  A successful heat transfer application requires 3 key elements to work in tandem– time, temperature & pressure.  The Model 929 has mastered those elements and gets the job done every time.

Sublimation Heat Presses - Insta's Model 929 - Digital Dual Station Label Press
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  MS929S $5275 Insta Model 929 High Speed Digital Label Press  

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