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Sublimation Heat Presses - Practix OK-40 Continuous Rotary Press


Sublimation Heat Presses - Practix OK-160 Clam Shell Heat Press

Practix OK-40 Continuous Rotary Press


Practix OK-40


Practix Manufacturing specializes in producing the fastest small drum – 10” or 250mm – rotary press transfer machines on the market. These machines are built to Practix’s strict standards for durability, stability, and efficiency, which include a steel-forged frame and a compact, heavy-duty, unitized design. At Practix, machine quality is never compromised and the OK-40 is no different.

The OK-40 rotary press is perfect for dye sublimation on piece or banner goods. It comes with a standard easy input loading area, a dual unwind/rewind system for transfer printing roll to roll, and all rotary belt press units have pneumatic braking systems and clutches for precise tensioning of fabric.

All Practix heat transfer printing machines, comes backed by a one-year mechanical and six-month electrical warranty. Also, all  fusing machines are fully customizable to suit the machine height and color requirements of your facility.




Belt Width 40” (1000mm

Drum Diameter 10” (250mm)

Max. Temperature 450 F (240 C)*

Max. Belt Speed 5 ft/min (1.5 m/min)

Power Supply 8 kW

Motor 1/8 H.P.

Air Supply 100 PSI 0.5CFM

Weight 1000 lb (450 kg)






Practix OK-40 Continuous Rotary Press


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