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Forever Subli-Flex 202

Supplies - Forever Heat Transfer Paper - Forever Subli-DarkSupplies - Forever Heat Transfer Paper - Forever Subli-Flex

FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 (Dark n Light)Patented exclusive product from FOREVER Papers that is designed to use sublimation inks and transfer images onto dark or light cotton. It is an ideal solution to professionally print letters, numbers and logos. Photos are imaged in glossy or matte finishes on an extremely elastic material.  The printed garment can be washed many times with little deterioration in image quality. Images need to be cut by hand or on a cutter (a cutter is recommended) in order to reduce the hand.

Replaces both Subli-Dark 201 and Subli-Flex 502
FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 (Dark n Light) Sublimation on Cotton Heat Transfer Paper
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SDARK8511 Subli-Flex 202 (Dark n Light) 8.5X11 per piece

$  2.75

$  2.60

$  2.50

SDARK1117 Subli-Flex 202 (Dark n Light) 11X17 per piece

$  4.65

$  4.50

$  4.36

SDARKSAMPLE Subli-Flex 202 (Dark n Light) 8.5X11 7 Letter Sized Pieces




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