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Supplies - Forever Heat Transfer Paper - Forever Subli-Dark

FOREVER SubliLight (No-Cut) makes it possible to transfer full-tone colors to white and light-colored cotton textiles, wood and more without cutting and without weeding!

The 1-Paper System from FOREVER has been designed to be used with the Sawgrass Virtuoso sublimation system. It is a sublimation printing solution that provides a very soft and extremely elastic image suitable for both fine and coarse-meshed textiles, and also images with no background.

FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut)  - Sublimation on Cotton Heat Transfer Paper
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  Description Size





SLTNC8511 SubliLight (No-Cut) 8.5X11 per piece




SLTNC117 SubliLight (No-Cut) 11X17 per piece





  Size Size



SLTNCSP SubliLight (No-Cut) Sample Pack 8.5X11 10 letter sized transfer sheets



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