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Creating a Logo - Exercise File

CorelDRAW Exercises

- Creating a Logo


This exercise will be using CorelDRAW commands: Fit Text to Path, PowerClip, Align to Center of Page, Insert Symbol Character, Transform Position, and Effects Lens.
Select the File menu / Open / acp_corel_draw_01_01.cdr
Fit Text to Path
1) Click and hold the Right Mouse button on the text “Naturally One of a Kind”  – Drag and drop inside the 1.5 inch circle (Blue outline) – Choose Fit Text to Path (You can also select the text, choose the Text menu / Fit Text To Path and click on the circle )


2) On the Property bar, click the Mirror Horizontal and Mirror Vertical buttons

3) On the Property bar, set Tick Snapping to .167, then select the text by clicking on Glyph in front of the text (little red square)  and dragging so that the text's center snaps to .167 inches below the bottom of the circle. You will know it is centered when the red line appears.

Placing a Second Text String on the Path
1) Select the text string “Aqua Studio Pools” – Then select the Text tool
2) Swipe (click and drag over) the entire text string and then press Ctrl + X to cut the text string to the clipboard
3) Move the curser to the top of the circle – When the curser changes to insert text on a path (which looks like an A with a curved line under it, not AB in a box) click
4) On the Property bar, change the Text size to 16 points – Then press Ctrl + V to paste the text string on the circle
5) Press Ctrl + Spacebar to toggle to the Pick tool
6) On the Property bar, set Distance from Path = .05, Offset = 0 - press Enter


PowerClip an image into a Circle

1) From the Tools menu \ Options \ Workspace \ Edit, select Auto-center new PowerClip contents - Click OK

2) Click and hold the Right Mouse button on the Pond image – Drag and drop on the 1.5 inch circle – Choose PowerClip Inside

You could also select the image, select the Effects menu / PowerClip / Place Inside Container, and then click on the circle.



Positioning the Image with Align Center to Page shortcut key

1) Double-che Pick tool to Select All objects
2) Press the letter "P" on your keyboard to position all of the objects on the center of the page

You could select the first object, select the second object, then select the Arrange menu / Align and Distribute, select Center Vertically and Center Horizontally, then Apply. The Align and Distribute command always aligns the select objects to the last object selected

3) Press the F4" key on your keyboard to zoom in to the objects on your page


Inserting a Symbol into the Image with the Text menu \ Insert Symbol Character

1) Select the Text menu / Insert Symbol Character
2) From the Insert Symbol Character Docker choose:

Font = Zapfdingbats

Character = 097

Size = .2

Click Insert


Positioning the Symbol in the Image with Arrange menu / Transform / Position
1) Select the Arrange menu / Transform / Position

2) In the Transformation Docker

Check Relative Position

Horizontal Position = 1.75

Copies = 1

Click Apply

3) Press the Shift Key and click on the original symbol, click Group on the Property Bar
4) Press the letter "P" on your keyboard to position Symbol Character on the center of the page

How did I choose 1.75 as the spacing between the symbols?  The diameter of the large circle is 2 inches, and the diameter of the small circle is 1.5 inches.  I took the average of the two diameters to create the figure that would provide the correct spacing between the two symbols.



Creating a contrasting color for the symbol with Effects menu / Lens

1) Click the no color well on the color palette with the left and right mouse buttons to remove the fill and outlines from the symbols
2) Select the Effects menu / Lens
3) Choose Invert - Click Apply

Have some fun. Choose the Color Eyedropper tool and click on the symbol, then click on the tan border.





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