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Creating a Mural - Exercise File

CorelDRAW Exercises

- Creating a Mural


This exercise will be using CorelDRAW tools and commands: View Manager, Graph Paper tool, Transformations / Size, Align and Distribute, Lens Effect.
Select the File menu / Open / acp_corel_draw_03_01.cdr
Viewing the Image

When you are working with CorelDRAW, there are times you will want to work with a specific view of your document. Corel gives you the ability to save views inside your files. In this exercise, we want you to be able to see the drawing page, as well as the image. We have saved that view in the exercise file.

1) Select the Tools menu / View Manager
2) Click "Pg and Img View" in View Manager

Sizing the Image
1) Create an image that is the exact size of the mural.

For example, you are creating a mural using 4.25 inch tiles that has four columns and three rows. To find width of the mural, multiply the amount of columns by the width of the tile. To find the height of the mural, multiply the amount of rows by the height of the tile. In this case, the with of the mural is 4.25 x 4 = 17, and the height is 4.25 x 3 = 12.75. Create an image that is 17 inches wide by 12.75 inches tall.



Creating the Mural Grid
1) Select the Graph Paper tool from the Object flyout on the Toolbox
2) On the Property Bar, set the Graph Paper Columns and Rows command to the number of tiles that will be used horizontally and vertically in your mural (4 Columns, 3 Rows)
3) Drag the Graph Paper Tool to create a grid of any size, press the Space bar to select the Pick tool
4) Select the Arrange menu / Transformations / Size

Horizontal = 17

Vertical = 12.75

Proportional should not be checked

Copies = 0

Click Apply

5) Hold down the Shift key and click on the image.
6) Select the Arrange menu / Align and Distribute / Align and Distribute

Select Center, both Horizontal and Vertical

Click Apply and then Close


Placing the Image Inside the Grid
1) Press the Escape key to deselect the objects, and the Tab key to select the grid

Pressing the Tab key selects the object on the top of the stacking order, usually the last object created.

2) Select the Effects menu / Lens


Rate = 0


Click Apply


Printing the Image as Individual Tiles
1) Select the Arrange menu / Ungroup 

 You could also click the Ungroup button on the Property bar.

2) Press the Escape key to deselect the group.
3) Click and drag the top row of tiles to position them on the page.

See image. We are using 13 x19 paper in this example. If you are using letter sized paper, print two tiles at a time.

4) Select the tiles and click the no color well on the Color Palette with the right mouse button to remove their outline.
5) From the Object Size button on the Property bar, increase the size of each tile by .02 inches to create a bleed area.
6) Print the tiles.




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