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CorelDRAW Interface


1) Tool Box - A dockable bar with tools for modifying objects
2) Title Bar - The area indicating the title of the currently open drawing
3) Menu Bar - The area containing menu commands
4) Standard Tool Bar - The dockable bar that contains shortcuts to Windows commands

5) Drawing Window - The area outside the drawing page

6) Property Bar - The dockable bar that contains commands that relate to the currently selected tool or object
7) Docker - A dockable window that contains available commands for the current object
8) Ruler - The border that is used to determine size and position of objects in a drawing
9) Document Navigator - The area that contains controls for moving between pages and editing pages
10) Drawing Page - The printable area in which you create a drawing
11) Status Bar - The area that contains tips, as well as information about the currently selected object
12) Navigator Button - A button that opens a smaller display to help you locate an object or area of your drawing

13) Color Palette - A dockable bar that contains the current color swatches




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