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Managed IT Services
Published on
January 16, 2020
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Chris Williams
January 16, 2020

4 Unexpected Benefits of Managed IT

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With technology becoming a growing part of our everyday business life, managed IT services are gaining significant momentum throughout the country. Through managed IT services, businesses can outsource the management and everyday operations of their technology environment to a third party technical support service. Companies that offer such services are known as Managed Services Providers (MSPs).By outsourcing the management of your organization’s IT to an MSP you can expect to free your staff up to focus on running your business. While this perk is especially true for smaller companies, there are other benefits you will experience with managed IT that you might not have thought of. Consider the following benefits of Managed IT services and how they would impact your business even during remote work and thebottom line.

1) Reduced Costs

When you outsource your IT service to a third-party provider, you allocate a specific monthly budget toward these services that is mutually agreed upon. This helps tailor a plan to allocate funds that do not fluctuate for the duration of the contractual period; you do not incur any costly surprises or hidden fees. This predictable IT budget will take the guesswork out of accounting while eliminating unexpected expenditures that can occur with in-house hosting. Moreover, by working with an MSP you no longer have to invest as much in software, hardware, and other provided tech-based components.

2) Work with Trained IT Professionals

When you employ the services of a trusted MSP, you gain access to qualified professionals who are always in touch with the latest trends and technology while remaining up-to-date on current programs, trainings, and certifications. Companies that try to manage their IT in-house without the necessary ongoing training and knowledge tend to make mistakes that can put vital business data at risk. This is particularly serious for industries that are subject to regulatory compliance. This lack of expertise can hamper productivity and adversely affect revenues. A professional Managed IT provider has an experienced staff of trained experts with dynamic abilities that enable them to solve complex problems with ease and keep your information secure.

3) Access to The Latest Technology

Technology is rapidly evolving, with newer, faster, more capable equipment always being released. By utilizing managed IT services, you no longer have to be stuck with obsolete technology. You will always have access to upgrade to the latest cutting-edge software and hardware to help keep your systems optimized and your company a step ahead of the competition.

4) Less Downtime

Businesses are dependent on IT, and being offline means you are losing money. Downtime is extremely costly for businesses of all sizes and must be minimized. By entrusting your IT environment to qualified professionals who constantly monitor, update, and maintain your business systems, you mitigate outages and downtime, ensuring that their impact will be minimal. Your IT environment is a complicated entity that is an essential part of your daily operation. It needs to run optimally, which requires trained professionals whose core competencies are IT. You could keep it in-house by hiring staff members to manage it for you, but is it worth it? Contact All Copy Products today to learn about IT services, including our all-inclusive Total Care plan.

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