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ACP’s Community Involvement

At ACP we believe in giving back to our local communities, which is why we partner with organizations that are bringing about positive change in our cities.

Warren Village

Warren Village is a nonprofit that offers low-income, single-parent families a chance to live a better life by providing a multitude of services such as:

• Safe and Affordable Housing
• Parent Services and Advocacy
• Early Education and Child Care

Since 2015, ACP has been partnering with Warren Village to help them accomplish their mission of helping these families “achieve sustainable, personable, and economic self-sufficiency.”

Charity Golf Tournament

Every year, ACP hosts a charity golf tournament, where 100% of the proceeds goes to supporting Warren Village. In 2018, we were very excited to raise $25,000 for this great cause.
mother and daughter from warren village
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Food for Thought

224,000 children struggle with hunger daily in Colorado and many do not receive proper nutrition outside of a school environment. Food for Thought was established to ensure that no child goes without food on the weekends. An entirely volunteer-based program, Food for thought provided 816,584 meals to children last year alone.

ACP strongly supports Food for Thought’s cause and our employees go out of their way to advocate for it.
Employee Volunteering
Our employees volunteer weekly at Food for Thought by working alongside fellow volunteers to pack lunches for children. Rain or shine, they are outside loading trucks with food to be delivered to one of the nearly 30 schools who are sponsored by Food for Thought.

To find out how you can help put an end to childhood hunger in Colorado, visit
ACP Gives Back
In addition to these amazing organizations, we also partner with several other incredible nonprofits and organizations and are always looking for organizations to partner with who are seeking to better our communities.
ACP Corporate Citizen
Impact Plan
Developed by ACP President, Brad Knepper, the Corporate Citizen Impact Plan is an optional contribution program where ACP employees can volunteer to donate a certain amount of their paycheck to Food for Thought, which is matched by ACP. Thanks to the contributions of ACP employees, we have been able to fund almost an entire school’s worth of food.
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