Elevate Your Security with Custom Solar Surveillance Trailers

Discover unparalleled security with our cutting-edge Solar Surveillance Trailers, designed for the modern needs of vigilant surveillance. Offering a sustainable and robust solution, these trailers are ideal for keeping an eye on construction sites, parking lots, and event spaces, ensuring peace of mind.
Video Solar Surveillance Trailers
ACP branded Solar Surveillance Trailer

What is a Solar Surveillance Trailer?

A Solar Surveillance Trailer is a self-sufficient, mobile surveillance system that utilizes solar panels to generate electricity. This electricity powers high-definition cameras and communication devices housed on a rugged trailer that can be easily transported anywhere. With a robust build and autonomous power supply, these trailers are ideal for monitoring construction sites, parking lots, outdoor events, and other areas where temporary but effective surveillance is required.

Who is a Solar Video Surveillance Trailer for?

Whether managing a construction site, overseeing a large parking facility, or coordinating live events, a Solar Surveillance Trailer is your vigilant eye in the sky. It's designed for businesses and organizations requiring flexible, efficient, and effective surveillance solutions in challenging areas of power access.

diagram of Solar Power Kits for Security Cameras

Benefits of Solar Surveillance Trailers

Crime Deterrence
Experience a significant decrease in theft and vandalism with the presence of a robust surveillance system. Our clients have reported up to a 70% reduction in crime-related incidents, making these trailers a formidable deterrent.
Continuous Operation
Armed with powerful batteries and solar arrays, these trailers ensure that your security measures never sleep. They provide uninterrupted operation, keeping an eye on your assets around the clock.
High-Definition Video
Don't miss a detail with high-definition cameras mounted on a 21-foot extendable mast. Capture clear, comprehensive visuals of your property for complete surveillance coverage.
Flexibility and Mobility
Easily relocate your security system to where it is needed most. With quick deployment capabilities, these trailers provide adaptable surveillance that moves with the dynamics of your site.
Weatherproof and Tamper-Resistant
Designed to withstand the elements, the trailers feature lockable internal equipment enclosures to protect against weather and unauthorized access, ensuring your security system remains operational in any condition.
Eco-Friendly Security
Commit to environmental responsibility while securing your premises. Solar Surveillance Trailers utilize renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in your security efforts.

Features of using Solar Surveillance Trailers

High Power Solar Arrays

Equipped with up to 1600W of solar power capacity, these trailers are designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability, even in remote locations.

Robust Battery Storage

Longevity and reliability are the cornerstones of our Solar Surveillance Trailers. The integrated battery storage ensures that your surveillance system remains operational.

21-foot Extendable Camera Mast

The high vantage point allows superior area coverage, while the quick-deploy feature ensures that your security setup can adapt rapidly to changing situations.

Rugged Construction

Built to last, the high-strength steel frame of the trailers ensures they can handle the rigors of various environments, promising long-term service and dependability.

Weatherproof Storage

Sensitive equipment is kept secure and dry in specially designed enclosures, offering protection from the weather and reducing the risk of damage or tampering.

Extreme Wind Stability

The trailers are designed to maintain stability and provide clear surveillance footage, even in adverse wind conditions.

Why Choose Our Surveillance Trailer?

Discover a new era of security with our Solar Surveillance Trailer. Harnessing cutting-edge solar technology, our trailers provide uninterrupted power for 24/7 monitoring, ensuring eco-friendly and reliable surveillance in any environment.

1. Advanced Security: Equipped with high-resolution cameras, motion sensors, and night vision.
2. Mobile and Flexible: Deploy and reposition with ease for 3. optimal coverage in dynamic environments.
3. Rapid Deployment: Quick and hassle-free setup for immediate security coverage.
4. Cost-Effective: A sustainable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional security solutions.
5. Remote Monitoring: Stay in control with live feeds, alerts, and settings accessible from anywhere.

Choose our solar surveillance trailer for unparalleled security—powerful, flexible, and cost-effective. Embrace the future of surveillance technology with us.

ACP Solar Surveillance Trailer at a construction worksite

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