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Sharp Aquos Boards

The Sharp Aquos Board is designed to help businesses achieve their goals through effective communication. This interactive display transforms general meetings into a hub of productivity.
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sharp aquos board in business meeting room

Engaging Meetings

Through the implementation of a Sharp Aquos Board into your standard office meetings, you make it possible for employees to actively engage with the presentation. A digital pen enables you to write directly on the presentation in a variety of colors to highlight information and provide a better understanding of company goals.

The Sharp Aquos is the perfect instrument to utilize during client meetings. Clients can gather a better understanding of your presentation’s central message when you actively engage them using the Sharp Aquos Board. Regardless of whether you are displaying architectural blueprints or a cost-benefit analysis, using an interactive board provides clients with deeper insight regarding your presentation.

Versatile Performance

The versatility of the Sharp Aquos Board ensures that there are a variety of ways to take advantage of it. During presentations, the board can provide remote access to individuals and let them live stream video from their location, allowing for employees to attend meetings from anywhere. With the ability to simultaneously have multiple users interacting with the board both on-site and remotely, the Sharp Aquos provides companies with numerous ways for their employees to collaborate.

Compatible software provides companies with the resources to customize their smart board to satisfy all of their needs. Such software makes it possible for organizations to optimize their workflows and show a wide array of displays.
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sharp aquos board in meeting room

Built for Business

Integrating a Sharp Aquos Board into your office can help streamline workflows and increase your business capabilities. This interactive board has the ability to be networked to your MFPs to print presentation slides directly from your Sharp Aquos.

Additionally, the Sharp Aquos Board can retrieve scanned images from your multifunctional device and directly display the image on its screen. After it is displayed, you are able to directly edit the document with your digital pen and send the updated report immediately to employees or clients.

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