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FMAudit Overview

FMAudit™ accurately performs automatic, regularly scheduled metering of networked print assets, including copy, fax, scan and color devices.
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FM Audit Overview

FMAudit is a suite of user-friendly managed print solutions that cater to your every print tracking need. Our top-notch products are specially designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft .NET platform, making it a breeze to install and maintain. You won't need to be a tech expert to keep everything running smoothly! Rest assured that the suite of FMAudit products are secure and focused on doing the job they were created for. They have been developed to ensure that they can't be manipulated to perform any unauthorized tasks. Moreover, there are built in strong safeguards to keep your data protected. The only information our products share is the essential details about the equipment they're monitoring, so you can have peace of mind knowing your confidential information stays where it belongs. Choose FMAudit for a reliable, secure, and user-friendly managed print solution you can trust.

How Does FMAudit Work?

At the heart of every FMAudit product lies its core engine, designed to effortlessly gather data from your networked printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. FMAudit has built it to work seamlessly with widely used communication protocols like Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), ensuring accurate and efficient data extraction.

Support for SNMP versions 1, 2c, and 3 guarantees compatibility with various devices, while also prioritizing security. SNMP v3, for instance, offers enhanced protection through encryption and requires a username and password for an extra layer of safety. As a network administrator, you can even choose the encryption method and set a strong username and password for added peace of mind.

SNMP, a communication protocol that enables smooth information exchange between network devices, retrieves data from the Management Information Base (MIB) and other parts of the print device. The MIB, an internal database common to most network-connected devices, contains essential information like model names, toner levels, and the current status of your printer.

How FMAudit Works For You

With FMAudit™ OnSite™ seamlessly integrated into your printing networks, you can say goodbye to manual metering and hello to accurate, automated tracking of networked print assets, including copy, fax, scan, and color devices. By generating precise billings on time, you'll enjoy less work tracking prints manually and the opportunity to concentrate on what truly matters: providing exceptional customer service and driving revenue growth for your business.

FMAudit™ OnSite™ offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor the data collection frequency, distribution, and format to best serve your specific needs. Thanks to its computer precision, OnSite™ eliminates time-consuming manual metering and clerical errors that can cause payment delays and costly reconciliations.

By capturing total usage during contracted billing periods, our timely metering ensures accurate billing cycles, preventing the deferral of clicks to the next cycle or incorrect accounting in the current cycle.

FMAudit™ OnSite™ works behind the scenes, leveraging a powerful data collection engine to gather comprehensive print asset data. As a device manufacturer-neutral solution, OnSite™ easily adapts to diverse, multi-brand print environments, even those with thousands of devices.

Choose FMAudit™ OnSite™ for a flexible, accurate, and timely solution that lets you focus on growing your business while exceeding your customers' expectations.

Robust Security

We understand the critical importance of network, data, and device security when managing your printing infrastructure. That's why we've made security a top priority, ensuring you can track your printing devices with absolute confidence and peace of mind. FMAudit's innovative product suite is designed with robust security measures in place, safeguarding your network from potential risks while keeping your data protected. We constantly strive to exceed industry standards and stay ahead of emerging threats, offering a reliable solution you can trust.

1. Virus Concerns

Your safety is our top priority. That's why we've taken special care to digitally sign our application files, ensuring they only run when their integrity is intact. This extra layer of protection keeps you safe by preventing any potential viruses from activating or spreading across networks. For even more peace of mind, we recommend using antivirus software on your network, further enhancing your security. By choosing FMAudit, you can trust that we're committed to providing a reliable, secure, and worry-free experience for you and your business.

2. Security Concerns

FMAudit Onsite connects with FMAudit Central using a secure communication method that ensures your data remains safe and protected. We prioritize your privacy by only collecting printer-related information and never accessing any confidential data. You can trust FMAudit to keep your network secure, focusing solely on the task at hand - managing your printing devices efficiently and effectively. Choose FMAudit for a worry-free solution that respects your privacy and safeguards your data.


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