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Promethean Activpanel Boards

Redefine the traditional classroom experience with the interactive Promethean Board and watch student engagement soar.
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Why Promethean Boards?

The days of standard projectors are in the past and interactive whiteboards are the new means for maximizing student retention. A Promethean Board is one of an educator’s most valuable resources in the classroom. With a plethora of sizes available to choose from – all the way up to 86” - there is a Promethean Board to fit every classroom. Additionally, Promethean offers software and applications designed to expedite lesson plans and enhance classroom presentations.

Enhanced Collaboration

It is more imperative than ever to find new means of keeping students engaged in a course’s curriculum. One such way is through provided experiences that require student interaction with both the content and one another. Promethean Boards make this possible through its collaborative design.

Students are able to collectively work on the smart board as up to 6 users can work on it simultaneously. To further increase engagement, teachers are able to request feedback from students, who can all respond via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and the answers can be displayed on the Promethean Board instantly. During lectures, teachers are also able to remote in experts on a specific subject to talk directly to students about the content. These collaborative elements are just a few of the ways that a Promethean Board improves the classroom experience.
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Though it is a piece of high-tech equipment, the Promethean Board has an interface that is easily navigated through by any user. Additionally, each board has a digital pen that allows for quick and visual revisions as well as customizable features to choose from a variety of colors and fonts to highlight key discussion points.

After a lecture, you can clear the board of its contents straightaway or save the screen as a pdf which can be distributed to students for further study. A Promethean Board’s customizable features enable teachers to use an interactive whiteboard that is tailored to fit their unique classroom needs.

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