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Managed Print Services
Published on
January 10, 2020
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Chris Williams
January 10, 2020

An Introduction to Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services
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Professional Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) has gained significant traction over the past decade, helping a tremendous amount of businesses succeed. Through MPS, organizations can streamline their printing needs while saving time and money. From usage tracking to product purchasing, MPS eliminates the need for guesswork when it comes to printing. The definition of MPS is broad, and can vary per the needs of a business. However, the result is always the same in terms of managed costs, streamlined budgets, document security, and improved efficiency.

The Challenge Faced By Organizations

Many organizations have a limited printing budget and consider lowering their printing costs a challenging task There are a series of practices are involved in making up their printing environment. When a business approaches an MPS provider, the provider will evaluate the organization’s present printing budget and devise ways to bring costs down. The following aspects are taken into consideration by the MPS provider:

• The amount of printed pages produced by the office staff. This includes outsourced work, mobile workers, and large document printing tasks and internal printing systems.

• All the office technology devices used for printing. This includes scanners, fax machines, copiers, large multifunctional printers, and desktop printers.

• Materials that are outsourced for large-format printing, mailing, and distribution.

• The Information Technology costs for the printing environment, such as maintenance fees, help desk tickets, software purchases, and printer support.

• The cost of consumable printing supplies including ink, toner, and paper. Considering that companies of all sizes still do a great deal of printing and the cost of these print jobs can be extensive, it is not surprising to see why companies often spend 15 percent of their annual budget on printing-related activities.

A Unanimous Solution: Managed Print Services

An MPS provider will first conduct a thorough evaluation of an organization’s printing processes. This provides them with a baseline to implement changes and also helps the business track improvements. While many consider MPS to be merely the overseeing of their printers, the service has a lot more to offer its users. MPS engagement is on-going and extensive, and its benefits are reaped in the long run. Here is how it operates:

• Assessment: The MPS provider conducts a thorough initial evaluation of your printing environment to assess the current state of your print fleet and identify areas that can be improved to control costs.

• Monitoring: They will then analyze and continually monitor your printing devices to further seek out any inefficiencies.

• Planning: They will then draft a plan for improved results. The plan is flexible and ongoing.• Optimization: Through effective planning and monitoring, your MPS solution will create an efficient and optimized process that produces profound end-to-end results.

By making use of a problem-solving approach and proactive maintenance, many organizations have saved time and money through MPS. Isn’t it time your company looked into an MPS solution? Contact All Copy Products today to get started.

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