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September 18, 2020
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Chris Williams
September 18, 2020

How To Find The Best Copier Companies Near Me?

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If you're reading this, then you already know you need a copier. Either you are shopping for something entirely new for your office or replacing the old machine. Maybe you’re even looking for an upgrade. 

The search for the perfect copier for your business can seem daunting. There are a lot of questions to address. 

  • What are the best, more reliable brands?
  • What do I really need to accommodate my day-to-day business? 
  • What upgrades and features should I consider, so there’s room for my copier to grow with my business? 
  • What should I look for in a service package?
  • Who should I buy from, and does it matter as long as I find the machine I think I want?

These and more questions are probably plaguing you, but there are straightforward answers available. 

When looking for a copier, the first order of business should be to find a copier company near you. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to source something directly from the manufacturer or from a rep halfway around the country. 

In some cases, this may help you find the best dollar price, but you most likely won't get the most value. 

This guide is here to help you find a copier company and related copier services near you. We’ll discuss why going with a local copier company is typically the best option as well as what to look for and how to find the best copier company. 

Finding Copier Companies Near Me: Things To Consider

By now, you’ve probably done a little research by doing a few Google searches, asking a few colleagues, and maybe even looking at some price comparison websites. There are a few options you should know about before making a final decision. 

What are the options for copier lease financing, and how do they differ?

When considering copier lease financing, there are primarily two options available: working with a copier leasing company or utilizing in-house financing offered by copier vendors.

When you choose a copier leasing company, you enter into a lease agreement that involves signing a contract with a bank. The bank funds the upfront capital required to purchase the copier machine, and you are responsible for making regular payments to the bank for the duration of the lease. However, it's important to note that the bank is usually not local and may be challenging to reach when you have questions or issues. Additionally, this arrangement lacks flexibility and a personal relationship since you are treated as just a number to the bank.

On the other hand, some copier vendors offer in-house financing options. This means that the vendor themselves provide the financing, allowing for a faster turnaround on any issues that may arise with the copier. With in-house financing, you also benefit from greater flexibility in terms of payment plans and contract terms. Moreover, there is a sense of local accountability when working with a vendor, as they are readily available to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.

In summary, the main difference between copier lease financing options lies in the involvement of either a copier leasing company or an in-house financing arrangement provided by copier vendors. While leasing companies secure upfront capital from a bank and can be less responsive, in-house financing offers quicker issue resolution, increased flexibility, and the advantage of a local relationship with the vendor.

What are some common misconceptions about copier manufacturers and dealerships?

There are various misconceptions surrounding the comparison of copier manufacturers and dealership models. Some commonly held misconceptions regarding this topic include:

1. Myth: "The manufacturer's technicians know the machines better."
  Reality: While it might be assumed that manufacturer technicians possess superior knowledge, it is important to note that dealer technicians undergo the same rigorous training and certifications as technicians trained by the manufacturer. Therefore, their expertise and understanding of the machines are on par with each other.

2. Myth: "Direct selling models are cheaper."
  Reality: Many people assume that buying directly from the manufacturer will always yield lower prices. However, this is not necessarily the case. Dealerships often offer competitive pricing, promotions, and discounts to attract customers, and these can sometimes be just as affordable, if not more so, than buying directly from the manufacturer.

3. Myth: "When a dealer partners with a manufacturer, they are guaranteed the same pricing as direct branches."
  Reality: While it might be assumed that manufacturers provide the same pricing to both direct branches and dealers, this is not always true. Pricing agreements can vary depending on several factors, such as volume, location, and market conditions. Therefore, dealerships do not necessarily receive identical pricing to manufacturer direct branches.

4. Myth: "The manufacturer, being larger, would better handle my account."
  Reality: It is commonly believed that the manufacturer, due to its size and scale, would be more equipped to handle customer accounts effectively. However, the reality is that this assumption is not always accurate, especially when considering individual marketplaces. In specific locations, there are often dealerships that are larger than the manufacturer's direct branch, with extensive resources and strong customer support capabilities.

These aforementioned misconceptions represent a handful of common myths surrounding copier manufacturers and dealerships. It is essential to be aware of these fallacies to make informed decisions when choosing between the two options.

Copier Manufacturers

Many people reach out to a copier manufacturer’s headquarters expecting to be able to get the best price. However, they will most likely refer you to a local showroom or sales office. These local offices will be able to offer an exceptional price along with delivery and service packages. 

They’ll also often have additional information about manufacturer specials and available discount opportunities because they are directly connected to the manufacturer. 

When seeking out manufacturers, it’s still wise to check with several. Even if you love a particular brand, the top brands are always in competition. They often do their best to outperform each other, offer competitive rates, and provide meaningful service contracts.
Here are the best copier manufacturers that coulde be located near your area:

  • Canon - This industry's leading copier manufacturer is renowned for making dependable, long-lasting copiers. With features including high-quality output, quick printing and scanning rates, and mobile printing capabilities, they provide a wide choice of models to fulfill the needs of various enterprises. Also, Canon has a reputation for manufacturing environmentally friendly copiers that assist companies in minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Konical Minolta- Konica Minolta is also one of the leading copier manufacturers in this industry. They are known for producing high-quality output and speed. Konica Minolta copiers are popular with their features such as mobile printing, cloud connectivity, and advanced security
  • Sharp - Sharp is a well-known manufacturer of high-speed copiers with cutting-edge features like document management and workflow automation. Sharp has a long history in the copier market. They provide a variety of models to suit various business requirements, from small offices to huge corporations. Sharp copiers also provide a number of security features to assist safeguard confidential data.
  • Toshiba - Another well-known manufacturer of multifunction printers and copiers with cutting-edge capabilities like cloud connectivity and mobile printing is Toshiba. As a result of their copiers' energy-saving design, companies aiming to cut money on electricity frequently choose them. To assist organizations in managing their papers more effectively, Toshiba also provides a number of software options.
  • Xerox - Xerox is a well-established brand in the copier industry. They offer a range of software solutions in order to help businesses.  Like Canon copiers, Xerox as well produces eco-friendly copiers.

Whether you want a Canon copier, Konica Minolta copier, Sharp copier, or Toshiba copier, check each of their sites. Check with both local dealers and the local manufacturer’s office. Look at their testimonials and reviews. And if possible, take a look at the available contracts on machines you want more, so you can compare options. Let them know you are shopping to ensure you get competitive rates and the best value with added features.

Authorized Local Dealers

Seeking out a local copy machine dealer means you’ll be looking for someone who either represents a single brand or several. They’ll be familiar with the brands and equipment that are available in your price range with your specific needs in mind. 

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be working with someone who understands the local community. They’ve built their reputation by serving local businesses. Not only are they qualified to sell or lease high-quality, trusted copier brands, but they’ll most likely be able to do so for a great price and with a service package that suits your office. 

Because it’s crucial for local dealers to build a positive reputation in their community, being sure to do research. Reading reviews will tell you quite a bit about their ability to deliver what you need. 

Maintenance Contract

When seeking out a copier company near me, you’ll have a few decisions to make while conducting your research. One of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is how to choose the best copier maintenance contract. 

With every copier purchase or lease, you will need someone who can handle the inevitable maintenance required to ensure a long life. Without an exceptional maintenance plan, you all but guarantee that your machine will need to be replaced much sooner - and this whole process will begin again. 

Your local dealer or manufacturer will have great options to consider; however, there are also local copier service companies that can help. Whether you go with a local dealer or manufacturer or not, you will definitely want to go with a local maintenance provider. 

Without a local service provider, you’ll have to deal with long turn-around times, parts that need to be shipped, and will end up with a different tech on every call. Dealing with different techs can be frustrating because you never get to build a relationship you can rely on. 

The other end of the spectrum is local dealers who freelance. While this can be useful if they’ve been a long-time technician, it’s not always helpful. They may know the older copiers inside and out, but freelance technicians may not be as familiar with the most recent changes, newer models, and updated software. 

The following are a few questions to ask when conducting your research and find the ideal service provider. 

  • Is there already a warranty?
  • If so, what does the warranty cover, and how does that compare to the service package.
  • Check on the cost of the maintenance contract. 
  • How long is the contract?
  • Check on what the contract actually covers.
  • Ask about volume limits. Sometimes there are volume limits on color versus black and white copies. 
  • The scanning function requires the use of more moving parts than the rest of the copier. Check on whether there are extra charges for service on scanners. 

Final word: Choosing the Nearest Copier Companies

When looking into copiers near your business and copier maintenance companies, these questions are just a few answers you need to have to make an educated decision. Check out local dealers and your local manufacturer representatives to seek the best relationship and the best price. 

Look into local maintenance service providers. It’s crucial that copier dealers near you can either provide an exceptional service package or that you seek out reliable and highly skilled service maintenance providers. 

1. Can my service calls be fixed remotely?

Yes, we offer remote support for certain service calls. Our technicians are equipped with advanced remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools, allowing them to diagnose and resolve certain issues remotely. This not only saves time but also reduces the need for on-site visits, providing a convenient solution for minor service requirements.

2. What's your field tech to customer ratio?

Our field tech to customer ratio is 1:50. We believe in providing personalized attention to our clients, and having an appropriate ratio ensures that our technicians are readily available to address service requests in a timely manner. This ratio allows us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and deliver prompt support when needed.

3. How do you track your service record?

We have a comprehensive service record tracking system in place. Each service call is logged, including details such as the nature of the issue, technician assigned, response time, resolution time, and any follow-up actions taken. This allows us to maintain accurate records and track the performance of our service team.

4. Can you show me the metrics from your service calls over the last 30 days?

Absolutely, we maintain detailed records of all our service calls, including response times, resolution times, and customer satisfaction ratings. We can provide you with the metrics from our service calls over the last 30 days to demonstrate our commitment to timely and efficient support.

5. What is your average time to resolution on a hardware issue?

Our average time to resolution on a hardware issue is typically within 48 hours. We understand the importance of having functional equipment and strive to address hardware issues as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions to your business operations.

6. What is your average time to resolution on a network issue?

Our average time to resolution on a network issue is within 24 hours. We prioritize network issues and have a dedicated team that responds promptly to ensure minimal downtime for our clients.

The professionals at All Copy Products understand that every business is unique and therefore requires a custom solution. They’ll listen to your needs, ask about your goals, match you to the perfect printer, and align you with the best service package. Get in touch now. 

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