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July 23, 2020
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Chris Williams
July 23, 2020

How To Find The Most Reliable Office Copiers?

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Believe it or not, the copy room is often the nerve center for many organizations. It’s the unsung hero of team morale and productivity. Yes, every C-suite would like to think it’s all about them. And every human resources department wants to believe they are the central source of company morale. Even upper management sometimes gets it wrong and thinks it’s all about the breakroom. The truth is (good mid-level managers and the boots on the ground know this to be true), the nerve center really is the copy room. 

Your copy room is where the team congregates when they pick up their printing project and wait for their copy projects to finish. It’s the great hall of machines that can make or break a meeting with the simple printing of a meeting agenda or a project proposal. And, depending on the quality of the printer, the copy room where efficiency, productivity, and morale can either break down or be lifted. 

It’s no wonder finding the right device or set of machines is crucial to business success. However, many companies overlook just how vital their technology really is. Let’s take a look at how to identify your specific printer and copier needs, so you match them to the best custom solution for your office. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Office Copiers

Let’s do a quick audit to figure out what you need to know before choosing the best office copier and most reliable printer. When you’re trying to figure out which printer is the best, it all begins with a hard look at your everyday needs and goals.

Analyze and Audit Your Current Office Copying Needs

It all starts here - at your office. Take a tour. Look at the actual space. Talk to your team. Ask them questions about what works, what doesn’t, and their wish lists. When trying to decide what you need, it’s better to enter the shopping process with an understanding of what you have and what your future goals have in store for you.

  • Space. Is the copy room filled with aged and obsolete machines that were replaced instead of upgraded? Maybe this indicates a lease would be better than purchasing a machine outright. 
  • Supplies. Are supplies piling up? Or do you always seem to be running out of something the team favors? This can be a way to find out where you can lower costs and spend more efficiently.
  • Capabilities. Is your machine living up to its potential? Is it a bit too much to handle? Or is it barely keeping the team running? Multifunction printers can fax, copy, print, collate, fax, email, work with your server and memory drives, and so much more. What features are you using, and what do you need that you wish this machine could do?
  • Breakdowns. Even the best printers breakdown or throw a code on occasion. How often does this interfere with your team’s ability to do their job well? Do you have a maintenance package with the best technicians in the area to ensure disabled machines are fixed fast, at minimal cost to you, and with little to no interruption to your team’s workflow?
  • Goals. This is one of the most important and overlooked questions to ask about your printer situation. Doing a complete needs audit means making sure you understand what you need right now and what you expect to need over the next several years. Should you go with a placeholder printer that will do the job you need right now? Or should you level up with the expectation that your company and team are going to grow, which means your tech needs to be in place to meet their growing demands?

Once your audit is complete, it’s time to look at other considerations when shopping for your office's best copier.

Consider the Cost of Operation

While the needs of your team and future projects are crucial, the bottom line is also a no-brainer. Asking what you can afford is a starting place, but it’s also worth examining a few other considerations. 

  • Lease or buy. Depreciation and the cost of reselling a used machine takes a toll on your or your employee’s time. Consider whether leasing or buying a copier will be the right decision. 
  • Efficiency. Take a look at the paper you use, the energy you could save, and other ways you might want to save money while discovering your copier needs. 
  • Maintenance costs are also a consideration. Relying on technicians who know and understand your brand versus private technicians who may only be familiar with older machines, or who may take more time to repair and solve your problems can be costly down the road.

Prioritize Security

It’s almost like there’s no such thing as too secure - measures we would have considered over-the-top just a few years ago or practically outdated today. Shopping for the right security can ensure your employees, clients, partners, and entire organization stay as safe as possible. Being a networked digital machine, multifunctional printers are not immune to breaches unless you plan, budget, and invest in security. 

Make a point of understanding the security features available and why they are important to your unique office set-up. For example, some have codes that ensure each individual is responsible for their printing and copying projects. There are biometrics, PINs, card readers, and even settings to ensure a project isn’t saved once the printing, copying, or faxing is completed.

Find the Most Popular, Trusted Office Copier Brands

There’s a reason the most popular copier brands are considered the best, and it’s not just good marketing. Top-rated brands become industry-leading, trusted brands because they perform well over time. They are tested by their customers and still come out on top, year after year. 

  • Check out the top-rated, trusted manufacturers such as All Copy Products partners including, Sharp, Canon, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta. These are the best brands because they offer the whole package across a variety of solutions. 
  • Check-out online reviews for the manufacturer, the specific machine you are looking at, and the customer support. Don’t forget to look at their maintenance package ratings.  
  • Check out their awards and accolades. Every industry has recognition awards and events that are dedicated to highlighting the best of the best. Does the brand you are examining have award-winning service and ingenuity?
  • Warranties and guarantees. Being willing to stand behind your products is always a sure-fire sign that the company wants to do business with you and has confidence in their ability to deliver. Compare these features across brands. You might even be able to negotiate a few minor features if you’ve done your homework and can present them with an argument about what the competition is doing.

Final Thoughts on Reliable Office Copiers

Understanding the copy room is the unsung hero, and the heart of many teams can lead to a great decision when buying a new multifunction printer. They can be a substantial investment, so do an audit and understand exactly what you, your office, and the team really need. 

Give some attention to crucial details when you do go shopping for the best office copier. Think about whether to lease or buy, efficiency, maintenance, and ease of use. Remember to prioritize security. Find the most popular office copier brands by carefully examining what they offer, not just what the machine does. Are they popular because they have the testimonials and ratings? Are they top-rated, award-winning, and willing to provide warranties and guarantees on their products?

You need to get the best possible copy and print solution for your unique business. Working with a trusted partner to help you find the most reliable printer can be invaluable. Instead of reinventing the wheel, let the long-time professionals at All Copy Products help you find a custom solution for your needs and budget. Get in touch today!

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