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October 26, 2020
Andrew Goodwin Headshot
Andrew Goodwin
October 26, 2020

Top Mistakes You Can Do When Buying a New Copier

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Buying a new copier for your office can feel a bit overwhelming, whether you’ve had to go through the process a few times or this is your first time. 

There’s a lot to consider, such as whether to buy or lease, the functionality and your team’s needs, whether to use a local dealer or manufacturer, buying a maintenance package versus using a local maintenance contractor and more. 

The copier you choose will have to last a while, which also means it’s not an everyday purchase. It’s not even a yearly purchase in most cases. And it’s not like you have an entire IT department to help you choose the machines you need, such as when you need to invest in computers and cybersecurity. 

To help you along, here are some of the top mistakes people make when buying a new copier.

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying a Copier

These tips should help you shop smarter and avoid the headaches that accompany copier shopping overwhelm. 

Choosing something with too few features, selecting the wrong copier provider, buying a copier that is over your budget, or too cheap to offer the value you need, and choosing the wrong applications or features are all problematic. 

Here’s more on the most common mistakes copier shoppers make and how to approach youtube next copier purchase without the headache.

1: Lack of Features

People often end up looking at features but getting overwhelmed at all the options. Athe overwhelm causes them to be cautious and cut back - often a regrettable mistake in the light of day when they consider the features their business would grow into and that their team would make use of if the features were available. 

Go in with a plan, but be open to discovering features you weren’t expecting. Don’t cut features just because you aren’t sure you’ll need them. Think about features and functionality as opportunities to grow your business, not just meet current business needs. 

Could your team use color copy features for some reports that need to impress? Or do they really only need black and white capabilities? Will you regret not having the ability to scan documents when minutes matter as you try to turn something around and get it back to the client or a partner? What about finishing touches like stapling, hole punching, and brochure folding?

There’s no need to invest in features you don’t need. When considering what you need, just remember to take into account the two to five year future of your business as well as what your team could realistically get done with added features. 

2: Choosing Wrong Copier Provider

Shopping for copiers begins by shopping for copier providers. Those who want to buy a copier may begin with used copier listings, but the real value will be choosing between a local dealer and going directly to a copier manufacturer. 

While going directly to a manufacturer has some benefits, it does limit you to a single brand and the copiers they offer. That means your provider could lock you into whatever they tell you is best based on what they manufacture. 

Working with a local printer dealer will give you several additional benefits. They’ll be able to help you sift through several manufacturers to make sure you understand all the trusted copiers that are available, given what you’re looking for and your budget.

Working with a local dealer will also mean they are able to assess your needs and match you to the best possible copier and options based on your goals. And because a local dealer will partner with several brands, they’ll be able to guide you with some partiality. 

Whoever you choose to work with, consider treating them as a business partner, rather than as a single transaction. Partner with a provider who is dedicated to helping you grow your business, not just making a sale. That means they’ll be concerned with whether you have the right copier, the right technology solutions (i.e., features, cybersecurity, budget, etc.), and the right long-term plan for maintenance and upgrades. 

3: Buying Expensive or Cheap Copier

There’s that common saying that goes, “you get what you pay for.” It applies to copiers in a useful way. 

While you want to pay attention to your budget and be mindful of what you can afford, it’s worth noting that going with the least expensive options will likely hold you back. Buying a cheap copier can not only limit your options when it comes to features, it can end up costing you more in the long run with frequent breakdowns and limited maintenance plans. 

Mid-range copiers can make a world of difference to organizations and their future goals. These are often great choices for teams and offices that have an idea of what they need but also need to be matched to something that they can grow into. 

Expensive copiers do not always mean high-end. When purchasing something that is on the pricey side, be sure the bells and whistles are useful rather than gimmicky. By purchasing something larger than needed, you could hinder efficiency because there will be an extensive learning curve for your people. 

However, selecting a machine that has all the bells and whistles can bring a high-shine polish to projects. The key is to consider the value and purpose over the price. 

Choosing Wrong Applications

Applications are very much like add-ons that, when carefully selected based on your custom needs, will make work productivity skyrocket. 

Many companies require that users enter a code before making copies. This is useful for several reasons. It allows managers to verify billable hours, resources used and offers immense security to the company through accountability. 

Many organizations use Microsoft applications to connect people with the copier or printer and keep them working efficiently with each other and their output needs. This can lower costs and boost profitability. 

Even sales teams can significantly benefit from applications that allow representatives to manage saved proposals and send them remotely to a prospect or client directly from their wireless connection, via the copier, to the client. It can be simple, fast, and incredibly efficient to remotely access the copier for simple repetitive tasks like this. 

Those are just a few examples of how applications can be a highly effective tool but may also be an expensive, complicated, and unnecessary expense. 

Final Thoughts: Common Mistakes When Buying a New Copier

While there are plenty of misunderstandings and mistakes that may get in the way of finding the right printer or copier, these are some of the top five mistakes that are the most common and the easiest to overcome. 

Choose features that will suit your team and that your company can grow into, rather than minimizing capabilities and holding the team back. 

Select a printer dealer that will be your partner. They should carefully listen to your goals and be able to match you to the best custom solution for you. They should also be concerned with your future and help you identify how to buy a printer that will keep your options open and work for you rather than hold you back. 

When considering prices, remember that expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality. And cheap will likely cost you in the long run. Instead, buy a copier that matches your needs. Then make sure it complies with your budget. 

Buy a copier machine that has the applications that will boost your team and your company. Some of them may look like bells and whistles but keep in mind that there are gimmicky applications, and there are beneficial applications, keeping your team and clients connected, safe, and ahead of the competition. 

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