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November 2, 2020
Andrew Goodwin Headshot
Andrew Goodwin
November 2, 2020

Top Surprising Benefits of an Office Copier

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Computers are as essential to the list of company assets as people to do the work. What many people don’t realize is that an office copier is just as important, and not because a copier makes copies. 

The advantages of copiers, especially multifunction printers may seem limited to functions. However, copier and printer benefits are much more wide-ranging. 

Take a look at these surprising benefits and advantages of an office copier.

Increases production

When printers first became an office staple, they were slow. Yet, printing 7-10 pages per minute was light-speed compared to the alternative, which was retyping each individual page on a typewriter. 

Quality copiers and printers can now print 50 pages per minute as well as collate, staple, fax, email, and more. This isn’t just an impressive feat of engineering and design. This is a clear boost to your office productivity. No more waiting for pages to drop from the grips of your printer. No more setting your print job and walking away to do busy work while you wait for it to complete. You can set your job and have it in-hand faster than ever. 

Increases in security

Everyone realizes just how crucial quality security measures are to every business. However, not everyone realizes just how secure quality printers and copiers have become over the years. 

When you have a machine that is wifi enabled, and you’re making copies of sensitive documents, you are risking your security. In fact, you don’t have to make copies of something to risk security. If your machine has access to the server, computers, fax or email, everything is placed at risk. 

The risk isn’t limited to company information. The security of clients and employees are also potentially threatened. 

By choosing an updated and high-quality printer or copier, you are ensuring the security of the entire company, clients, and partners with added cybersecurity measures and security defenses. 

Presents Flexibility

Copiers and printers, especially multifunction printers, don’t just have a bunch of bells and whistles to be gimmicky. Their design is exclusively made for offices that need some relief from tedious activities. 

Copiers act as the office hub, being able to manage several tasks at once, such as 

  • wirelessly sending a fax from a nearby office to a partner
  • print from someone else’s office and even organize and prioritize jobs into the queue
  • scan images and documents, translate the information into editable documents, and resize from a wireless connected device
  • Combine a document from a remotely connected device with a document on the server and then email to a client or partner

These are just a few jobs that can be effortlessly completed. Options like this keep sales teams efficient and productive. It brings location flexibility to an office staff that may work in the office or remotely from around the world. And it frees up administrative staff as well as supervisors and managers from a variety of menial tasks.

Own or lease

For those who understand the essential nature of having an office copier, it may still surprise you that there are benefits associated with a copier lease as well as owning a copier. The final decision will come down to the advantages that best suit your company.

Leasing a machine means you’ll avoid obsolescence because you can upgrade as your company or projects grow. There are much lower up-front costs. Plus, leasing eliminates the need to try and resell or dispose of an old, outdated machine. 

When you buy a copier is less expensive in the long run. This stands true as long as you choose a copier that will grow with your business, even after the two- to five-year milestone that often renders printers outdated. Owning also allows businesses to regain some of their costs when they resell it, as long as they are able to resell their copier. And owning your copier means you’ll be better able to avoid maintenance contracts, opting for private maintenance contractors.

Offers Convenience

Everyone thinks in terms of the copies they’ll make or the documents they’ll print. They often forget that multifunction printers can queue projects and even prioritize them according to the workload, the security code entered from the person submitting the job, and the type of project.  

In fact, copiers have the added benefit of offering limited operations during certain hours. For example, a machine may only be available to admins during working hours, while the printer may be available at all hours to salespeople and human resources. This kind of flexibility helps to ensure that off-hours jobs are limited to the people who may need the machine the most. 

You can also limit who can use the machine at all. Some organizations, for example, manage employees, staff, and interns. By only providing copier usage codes to employees, the company can limit the copier and related office supplies for company related projects. This ensures that copier usage will be limited to volunteers who are able to get approval for copy projects, rather than allowing everyone access at all times. 

Final thoughts on the top surprising copier benefits

Most people think about copiers and printers in terms of duplicating documents, but there are a number of surprising benefits and advantages that should now be clear. 

You’ll increase the production and efficiency of your office and the entire team. This benefit isn’t limited to basic copying and printing functions. Your entire office, from supervisors to admins to boots on the ground, can find relief and efficiency in their office copier. 

The right printer will ensure added security measures that are so vital to today’s office machines. Copier’s offer significant security benefits that keep your company, employees, clients and partners safe. 

There’s added flexibility in the projects you’ll have your machine do. Plus, a high-quality multifunction and wireless enabled machine can act as a hub, allowing your entire company to work on-site, remotely, and effortlessly, even with competing projects.

Whether you own a printer or lease your office copier, you’ll discover meaningful benefits and advantages. Choose the best custom solution for your company, and you’ll find that you save money and time while boosting your bottom line. 

Remember that office copiers are exclusively designed and engineered for your convenience and productivity. Everyone in the company can either directly or indirectly benefit from the adoption and implementation of the right tools and technology.

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