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Butler Avionics
May 25, 2023

Butler Avionics

Discovering Savings & Security

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Copiers/Security Cameras/Access Control
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Old Equipment Didn’t Cut It

Even a sky-high organization like Butler Avionics needs functional office equipment to keep them soaring.

The Kansas-based avionics hangar is constantly fixing, maintaining, and performing status checks on all kinds of aircraft. A subsidiary of Butler National Corporation, they’re a business at the highest altitude in their industry, entrusted with the successful storage and turnaround of some of the most paramount private & military flight machinery in the Midwest. The name of the game, therefore, for an organization like Butler Avionics is reliability.

Lead Engineer Travis Putman and his team had become used to the old equipment that was constantly getting serviced by an ACP technician. Since machine servicing was just a phone call away, spending 8-10 hours a month to get their devices fixed had just become commonplace items on the task list. It wasn’t until that same technician brought up the idea of upgrading the old equipment that they realized how drastically their day-to-day efficiency and their bottom line could be improved.

Discovering ACP Products and Real Customer Care

Though he’d been happy with the speediness and quality of service from the ACP technician, Travis decided to look into all of the local options for upgrading Butler Avionics' printers and copiers.

“But they just weren’t responsive,” he said. “I would send them emails or try and call them. They would never get back to me.”

Remembering how pleased he had been with the ACP servicing, he realized that the answer was right in front of him, and sure enough, the difference in customer care was like night and day. His ACP sales representative would respond immediately, and she walked him through the entire process of acquiring, installing, and servicing the new devices.

Tailored for a Perfect Fit

The quick responsiveness was just the beginning. Putman noted that ACP exemplified quality and care through every step, taking the time to customize solutions that fit Butler’s exact needs.

“They were very good at picking out the right size equipment that we needed for specific offices and locations within that facility. We save money by having smaller, low-volume equipment in some areas,” Putman said. “And when our equipment does end up having a problem, they’re out (to help) within a day, if not sooner.” He calculated that his business has saved over $12,000 per year by upgrading its office technology devices.

A Relationship That Will Last

The cherry on top for Butler Avionics' experience with ACP came when they learned about our Verkada camera systems and access control. Because who needs security much more than an airplane hangar with some of the world’s most valuable vehicles stored inside? As he showed us around the facility, he demonstrated how every inch of the property is viewable via a high-definition, 24/7 livestream from his phone, with intuitive and responsive zooming control. He went on for great lengths about the Verkada amenities and how helpful they are for his facility: keyless door entry, license plate recognition, car sorting by color, notifications for motion detection, and much more.

It was hard to decide which was a cooler experience: hearing about how happy of a customer Travis and his team have been, or seeing and getting to sit inside all of the planes. But I do know that for Travis and his team, saving $12,000 per year and multiple hours every week, combined with the priceless boost in facility security, has been incomparable. To this day, ACP still emails and calls him back immediately when he has needs to be handled or questions to be answered. 

At the end of our afternoon together, he couldn't have given a more ringing endorsement: “My ACP rep is probably one of the best sales reps out of any of the vendors I’ve worked with.”