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Louisburg School District
August 2, 2023

Louisburg School District

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Meeting Needs Beyond Corporate Settings

Unique Challenges

When you’re a superintendent who runs an entire K-12 school district with over 300 staff members and 1,750 students, having a quality office technology provider is a necessity. But school districts aren’t just any old office setting - the need for 24/7 security, budgetary consistency, and overall functionality poses a higher level of attention. The 225,000-square-foot high school, for example, is open day and night essentially 365 days a year. 

Brian Biermann, Superintendent of Louisburg School District located just south of Kansas City, had to consider all of these requirements when he and his team decided on their office technologies supplier. To their satisfaction, ACP has not only kept up with their heavy-duty school district needs, but consistently offers new ideas and products to keep up with their growth as a district.

“They want us to succeed, and they do everything they can to achieve that,” he told us.

Security for a Changing World

The district recently completed a massive installation of Verkada security devices, which now outfit all of the buildings in the district with their industry-leading security and straight-to-your-phone livestreaming. He noted how easy the system navigation is for everybody, including resource officers, IT personnel, and administration. Further security for the buildings comes in the form of badge scan requirements for print jobs. No, geometry worksheets aren’t the only thing being printed at a school district - so a staff member knowing that nobody else will see their confidential paperwork is a huge boost to information flow, security, and peace of mind. “If I have a meeting with the third grade teachers at the elementary school, I can initiate the print job from my desk, drive 10 minutes to the meeting, and it will only print once I scan the badge,” Brian remarked.

Happy Customers, Happy Students

Additional ACP features that the Louisburg staff appreciate include PaperCut, which sends weekly usage and expenditure reports, and OneRate, a program that guarantees the same monthly billing rate even in the event of overages on color, paper, or duplexing. Since schools receive a finite budget and aren’t profit-seeking corporations, features such as PaperCut and OneRate are enormously helpful for them as an institution. With ACP providing such consistently high-quality support for Louisburg School District, administration and staff alike can put all of their focus onto what matters most. It’s no coincidence that the district’s strong performance has earned them repeated titles as national Blue Ribbon award winners. Knowing that the hundreds of children and adults throughout the buildings all feel safe, secure with their information, and confident that the superintendent and administration have their best interests in mind, Superintendent Biermann is adamant that “you just cannot go wrong with the service that you will receive from ACP.”

“Whether I stay in Louisburg for the rest of my career or move to another district, I always hope that ACP is my partner with all of the products that they provide.”