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Canon Copiers

Canon is a company name synonymous with high-quality optical technology and a global stamp on the world of technology. It was founded in the 1930s in response to the need for precision optical instruments. They developed cameras at a time when visual communication, particularly during wartime, was becoming one of the most impactful ways to connect the world under a common understanding
of the human experience.

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Office Canon Copier
Canon Copier in Office

Why Choose a Canon Copier?

Canon holds several awards for design, engineering, and sustainability. Currently facilitating scientific discoveries with zoom lenses and telescopes used to see the far reaches of space, they also supply high-definition medical imaging and diagnostic precision machinery to the world’s best hospitals. And they consistently deliver some of the most meaningful advancements of other leading-edge technology, such as photography and printing.

We understand that the competition is fierce, which can make it challenging to decide on the best choice when shopping for copiers and multifunction printers. Keep reading to learn why Canon is a perfect solution for the business that wants to be as efficient and productive
as possible.

User-Friendly & Top Quality Support with Canon

Canon has always had the end user front and center in their minds when designing their products and technology. To this day, they’re  highly distinguished for their user-friendly and intuitive machines that allow the worker to focus on their projects rather than how to operate the machine they’re to be printed on.

Questions may still arise, but we’ve always got you covered. ACP's Canon customer support is dedicated to ensuring no clients’ issues are left unsolved. Each of our agents is a highly trained expert who will quickly allow you to get back to the work that matters to you.
Canon wide format printer
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Environmental Sustainability

Canon recognizes that manufacturing these products is sure to have an environmental impact, and they use their innovation techniques to reduce this impact in several ways. These efforts have been highly rewarded for decades from within their industry as well as heavy hitters in the environmental arena, such as National Geographic, the EPA,
and Energy Star.

Canon’s environmental and sustainability initiatives are far-reaching and effective, covering recycling programs, partnerships, certifications, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Their management of environmental impact even extends all the way down to the customer and end-user by designing for Energy Star efficiency and other important specifications.

Features of Canon Copiers

Canon is one of the most trusted developers of copiers and multifunction printers. And their products, services and technologies meet the needs of offices of every size. Some of their amazing features include:

  • Transforming a printed document into an editable Word or PowerPoint file
  • Converting a hard copy document to a digital file
  • Eliminating staples for easy shredding
  • Remembering frequently used settings
  • Preventing others from picking up confidential documents
  • Connecting to mobile devices and cloud-based tools
Business Canon Copier
canon copier

Advantages of Canon Copiers

Canon is world-class when it comes to the basics of what you need in a copier. Some of the words and phrases that businesses describe their Canon copiers include:

• Speed
• Functionality
• Productivity
• Convenience
• Cleanliness
• Cost-effective
• Reduces our paper usage
• Security

Canon Copiers For Growing Companies

office canon printer

Grow Your Business With Canon

Purchasing a Canon copier gets you the benefit of Canon copier support and service as well as a world-class device. Because investing in a cornerstone office machine should not only give you ease in everyday activities like faxing, copying, printing, scanning, email, back-ups, cybersecurity and connectivity, but also a team of support ready to help whenever you need them.

Canon’s copiers provide a powerful and efficient office presence that will last while your businesses grows.
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ACP Partners With Canon for Copiers

The professionals at All Copy Products (ACP) are committed to ensuring you have the best possible choices when shopping for copiers and multifunction printers, so we only partner with trusted brands like Canon, Konica Minolta, and Sharp. When you ask our ACP advisors about how to choose the technology that will suit your business and its future needs, they listen to your goals and match you with the perfect solution. Contact ACP for expert advice and guidance on your next Canon, Sharp, or Konica Minolta copier.

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Business with a Canon Copier

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