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Hand Sanitizer

Help ensure the health of your employees and customers with hand sanitizer produced locally in Denver, CO by ACP.
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Hand Sanitizer for Business

At ACP, we strive to provide businesses with everything their organization needs to succeed and be productive. An office is unable to reach maximum efficiency if employees are constantly contracting illnesses from the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the workplace. To help combat this dangerous spread and ensure that your office is performing at peak productivity, ACP is now producing and providing hand sanitizer to keep you and your employees healthy.

Protect Yourself from
Dangerous Bacteria

Hand sanitizers are a great alternative to cleaning your hands while on-the-go or whenever soap and water are not readily available. Every surface in an office environment can be covered in bacteria and reducing the rate at which it spreads is important to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

ACP hand sanitizer has an active alcohol concentration of 75%, which is greater than most leading hand sanitizers. Based on several studies, including CDC findings, the higher the alcohol percentage found in a hand sanitizer, the more effective it is at combatting bacteria and germs that cause illnesses including the cold, flu, and some other viruses.

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Say Goodbye to Messy Gels

Gel-based hand sanitizers can be messy – often distributing far more sanitizer than required and knocking over a bottle of it could create a mess. To ensure that there is minimal chance for waste or mess, we decided to make our sanitizer an easy-to-use spray. Our spray provides all of the benefits that gel sanitizers provide without the mess!

Safety Tested and Approved

Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility located near ACP corporate headquarters, our team is working hard to help protect your business. Our 75% alcohol-based spray hand sanitizer has been thoroughly tested and meets all CDC guidelines for its concentration levels and has been proven to help reduce the spread of dangerous illness-causing bacteria.

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