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Published on
April 21, 2023
Michelle Lievense Portrait
Michelle Lievense
April 21, 2023

Top 12 Benefits of Cyber Security for Your Business

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Cybersecurity has significantly evolved over the years from an information technology problem to an organization-wide security challenge. As a result, cyber-attacks have hobbled businesses and slowed economies in nearly every developed country at one point or another. 

For example, in Spring 2021, a cyberattack briefly slowed travel and caused a spike in gas prices when weaknesses in the billing security of the oil and gas supply chain were exploited. 

The same year, cyber-attacks caused a meat shortage across the U.S. when the supply chain was interrupted because of a cyber attack. Cybersecurity for businesses large and small is more important than ever. 

  • Discover just a few of the many benefits of a strong cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Learn about the ways you can boost your brand with strong cybersecurity. 
  • Find out how and why managed IT services and make strong cybersecurity a reality.

Top Benefits of Cyber Security

While protection from hackers and some forms of fraud are the primary purposes of deploying cybersecurity infrastructure, there are a surprising number of added benefits that are cumulative and far-reaching.  

1. Protect Your Business

First and foremost, protecting your business is the aim of implementing cybersecurity infrastructure. Every business has sensitive information to protect. Cybersecurity can protect you and your company from information leaks, malware, ransomware, and more. From employee records and personal data to client and consumer information to your business bank information, cybersecurity measures are the only known available solution. 

2. Increase Productivity

While most people think about emergent and obvious challenges solved by cybersecurity, there are additional benefits. Systems are brought offline, teams are delayed, and work is paused anytime there is an attack. Proper cybersecurity infrastructure results in higher productivity because employees' systems, software, and equipment remain functional and efficient.  

3. Prevents Adware

Cybersecurity measures detect and deter cyber threats. However, standalone antivirus software isn’t enough. Instead, companies need robust protections that can ward off day-to-day attacks that are getting more advanced and more creative year over year. 

For example, adware is a virus that attacks productivity and the ability to work without interruption by overloading systems with advertisements. Adware can also be a Trojan Horse, allowing other viruses and access to malicious scammers should the user click on an ad. The right security measures block adware.

4. Consolidated Solutions

A complete cybersecurity infrastructure will protect against all forms of possible attacks: network security, internet security, endpoint security, cloud security, and application security. In addition, you’ll be able to protect the organization from a variety of external attacks as well as any possible internal attacks by consolidating solutions and using a simplified system of security management. 

5. Protects Personal Information

A security infrastructure also protects valuable information. By now, we’re all too familiar with data leaks that result in business and individual sensitive information being strewn across the internet. If nothing else, cybersecurity measures protect valuable data of the organization, its partners, vendors, clients and customers, and employees. 

6. Stops Website From Growing Down

These days, even brick-and-mortar companies rely on websites. However, selling online isn’t the only reason a website can be valuable. Websites help people find companies. From a hyperlocal perspective, websites help locals find out hours of operation, location, and other valuable information like core values, menus, and more. 

Should a website go down, even for a few hours, it can cost a company money, customers, transactions, and more. The right cybersecurity measures mean the most crucial tool most companies rely on, their website, will remain protected and functional without interruption. 

7. Customer Trust and Confidence

It only takes one data breach to end consumer trust completely. And websites without security certificates, employee access without logins or VPNs, and other security hazards lead to broken consumer confidence, as well as broken employee trust. Safety track records and visible means of cyber protection can mean your brand is respected and trusted or can force a company to constantly invest in marketing and other pricey measures to try and earn back customer confidence. Brands and businesses should invest in the proper cybersecurity infrastructure in the first place. 

8. Protect Against Internal Threats

Internal threats refer to risks arising from within the organization, such as employees or contractors. Cybersecurity helps protect against internal threats by limiting access to sensitive data to only authorized personnel. By implementing security policies and procedures, such as access controls and monitoring systems, organizations can ensure that employees only access the data they need to perform their jobs. Cybersecurity also helps prevent insider threats by detecting unusual behavior and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

9. Protect Against External Threats

External threats refer to risks originating from outside the organization, such as hackers, viruses, and malware. Cybersecurity helps protect against external threats by implementing firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures. These measures help prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and theft of sensitive information. Cybersecurity also helps prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that can cause websites to crash or go offline.

10. Regulation Compliance

Many industries have regulatory requirements that organizations must comply with to protect customer data and privacy. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and damage to the organization's reputation. Cybersecurity helps organizations comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

11. Cost Savings

Cybersecurity can help organizations save money by preventing costly data breaches and cyber attacks. The cost of a data breach can be significant and include expenses such as legal fees, lost business, and damage to the organization's reputation. By implementing cybersecurity measures, organizations can prevent these costs from occurring. Additionally, cybersecurity helps build customer trust by demonstrating the organization's commitment to protecting sensitive data and privacy.

12. Brand Trust

Brand trust refers to the customer's confidence in an organization's ability to protect their data and privacy. Cybersecurity helps build brand trust by demonstrating the organization's commitment to protecting customer data and preventing data breaches. Organizations that prioritize cybersecurity and have a robust security posture are more likely to build and maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Final thoughts

Every company needs to invest in cybersecurity early and ongoing. Waiting until an attack occurs will be more costly than just putting an infrastructure in place in the first place. And because attacks evolve and become increasingly creative, it’s crucial that the IT team stays on top of the latest cybersecurity measures and best practices. 

At ACP, we offer managed IT services. That means we can assemble an IT team that understands the most recent threats, implements the ideal plan for your company’s size and needs and will be able to quickly implement a disaster plan in case a breach does occur. Call the professionals at ACP today to determine whether managed IT cybersecurity services are ideal for you. 

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