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Managed Print Services
Published on
July 30, 2023
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Chris Williams
July 30, 2023

The Top 15 Powerful Benefits of Managed Print Services

managed print service benefits
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Managed Print Services are a service offered by print providers that allow businesses to outsource the management of their printing devices, like desktop printers, fax machines, multifunction copiers, and scanners. These programs involve a comprehensive analysis of the company’s printing needs, the implementation of tailored strategies, proactive monitoring, and ongoing support. MPS are designed to optimize the entire printing workflow so that organizations can be most efficient, cost-saving, and waste-reducing. As we explore the details and benefits of MPS, it will become apparent that adopting these services is crucial for any forward-thinking enterprise seeking sustainable growth.

What Are the Top Benefits of Managed Print Services?

There are almost countless advantages to having MPS as part of your business operations. This article will discuss many of them, and why your business should consider making the switch. 

1. Cost Reduction and Cost Predictability

One of the primary benefits of Managed Print Services is cost reduction. Many companies who do not outsource their printing management end up spending way more than necessary as they don’t keep track of all of their usage and materials. Your provider will help you identify inefficiencies and implement cost-saving measures. Another major benefit is cost predictability. With a consistent monthly billing structure, you can budget for a fixed monthly fee that covers all of your printing needs.

2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

MPS not only brings about unprecedented cost reductions, but also significantly enhances workplace productivity and efficiency. By optimizing the entire printing ecosystem, there will be less downtime on all of your machines, as well as the reclaimed time from not needing to ever think about managing your printing devices. Businesses can opt into a fully-managed service, where your provider handles everything from installation and maintenance to supply management and reporting, or you can choose a less automated route, allowing you to handle some of the tasks yourselves. Your provider will help you find a perfectly tailored solution that works best for your business.

Benefits of managed print services

3. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Another major boost in your printing operations when you switch to MPS is enhanced security and compliance. For example, MPS providers offer encryption of device data, meaning that confidential documents are safeguarded throughout the printing process. MPS will also reduce the risk of unauthorized access to devices through the active monitoring of the entire print network. Moreover, MPS assists businesses in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws. All of these measures means that your business can get back to focusing on what matters most.

4. Proactive Maintenance and Support

The backbone of Managed Print Services is the proactive maintenance and support, which delivers many advantages to organizations. MPS providers can identify potential issues before they escalate through remote monitoring, often before users even notice the issues. This proactive approach reduces downtime and disruptions significantly. The combination of preventative maintenance and remote monitoring are a recipe for smooth sailing for any business, as they enable efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. 

5. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Your company is likely committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner, so your printing ecosystem should be too. MPS involves many initiatives for planet-friendly operations. Waste reduction is a major initiative, as all of your materials such as paper, toner, and other supplies will be reduced thanks to remote usage monitoring. Consolidating devices is another initiative thanks to MPS, which decreases electricity usage significantly. With an overall more efficient, energy-saving, and cost-reducing print environment, MPS makes your business many steps closer to your environmental impact goals. 

6. Scalability and Flexibility

Not only does MPS offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, it also can scale with your company as it grows or downsizes over time. Whether you’re a startup, a major enterprise, or anything in between with future plans, your MPS plan will be tailored for your current and future situation. In addition, many businesses fluctuate with changing markets and often can’t predict their printing volume needs. That’s another area where MPS offers great flexibility: your peaks and valleys will be accommodated seamlessly when there are changes in print volume.

7. Centralized Management and Reporting

Centralized management and reporting are at the core of Managed Print Services. Your entire print fleet will receive invaluable tools to make it streamlined and headache-free. These tools give you a comprehensive view of printer usage, performance, and maintenance needs. The sophisticated tracking methods used by your MPS provider are invaluable for making informed, data-driven decisions about your printing needs. And the best part is that all the tracking happens remotely without anyone at your business needing to lift a finger. 

8. Employee Satisfaction and User Experience

An often overlooked benefit of MPS is the boost in employee satisfaction. With user experience being central to a good Managed Print Services solution, employees will no longer experience frustration when they need to make a simple print job. Furthermore, mobile and remote printing is not only available but just as seamless as traditional printing with MPS. By prioritizing user experience and convenience, MPS cultivates a positive and productive work environment, which enhances job satisfaction and employee retention significantly. 

benefits of managed print services

9. Focus on Core Business Objectives

MPS allows hours of regained freedom for everybody in the workplace. When less time is spent maintaining devices and waiting around for print jobs, you can put your focus back into achieving your core business objectives. For example, your IT team can now shift its efforts toward strategic company initiatives rather than just spinning its wheels trying to fix mundane issues. With the burden of print management lifted, you can streamline your operations, increasive productivity, and allocate resources much more effectively, giving your business a stronger competitive edge in the market.

10. Decreased Print Volumes

MPS enables your business to drastically reduce its print volume, which offers multiple benefits. One major effect of less printing is the reduction of your environmental impact. Excessive printing has a detrimental effect on the environment, leading to issues such as deforestation, greenhouse gases, and landfill waste. MPS analyzes your print habits and identifies areas for improvement. One such improvement is called duplex printing, where both sides of the paper are utilized, cutting paper use in half. Also, the options to default to black-and-white printing and use digital signatures are other ways MPS reduces print volumes and environmental impacts.

11. Streamlined Printer Fleet

Managing a large, diverse printer fleet on your own is extremely challenging, leading to wasted time, money and resources. Fortunately, MPS will streamline the entire process. With its ability to assess specific printing needs, such as current infrastructure, print volumes, and user requirements, they’ll suggest the exact array of devices needed for your particular workplace to make it as efficient as possible. No more printers that go far over or under-utilized; MPS will ensure your devices match your realistic usage. 

12. Improved Security

Enhance the security of your printing operations with MPS solutions such as pull printing and user authentication. The reality for many business’ print ecosystems is that there are always risks of unsecured printing, including data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive documents. Thanks to MPS, you’ll be ensured that documents are only released when the user is physically present at the printer. Furthermore, user authentication also provides the knowledge that only authorized users can access certain sensitive information if needed.

what are the benefits of managed print services

13. Control Your Costs

Without the cost management that comes thanks to MPS, it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on your printing expenses. Uncontrolled printing costs can quickly add up, and without the close, daily monitoring and reporting of MPS, you won’t be able to identify areas of inefficiency and implement cost-saving measures. Additionally, MPS offers flexible pricing models, such as pay-per-page, allowing you to align your costs with your actual usage. This ensures that you only pay for what you print. Nothing more, nothing less.

14. Free Up Cash Flow

Now that your costs are under control, the benefit of freeing up cash flow is also majorly helpful. By moving from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to and operational expenditure (OpEx) model, you can spread costs over time as opposed to making big deposits up front. Having your costs all be on a monthly basis is huge for any business where cash flow is important or unpredictable. Moreover, MPS solutions offer scalability, meaning you can adjust your printing infrastructure as your business needs it. These solutions thanks to Managed Print Services allow you to save money both in the short term and the long term, due to your expenses now being predictable.

15. Increase Device Uptime

MPS significantly improves device uptime thanks to a number of reasons. With remote monitoring and automatic alerts, issues with your devices will be resolved quickly, often before anyone in your office even notices. This proactive approach drastically reduces the amount of time spent without one or more of your devices working properly. This preventative maintenance also can help extend the lifespan of all of your machines, sacing even more time and money down the road by reducing the need for replacements. 

Final Thoughts

Managed Print Services are the comprehensive solution to optimize any business’ printing operations by reducing costs, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction, and creating a better environmental footprint. By outsourcing your print management to specialized providers, companies will achieve significant long-term benefits and gain a competitive edge in the market. Businesses of all sizes should consider adopting MPS as a crucial step toward sustainable growth and overall success.

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