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September 30, 2021
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Michelle Lievense
September 30, 2021

Features and Benefits of Parcel Lockers

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Increased productivity, convenience, a better bottom line, and better employee and client satisfaction - those are just some of the benefits of parcel delivery lockers. Parcel lockers are used by businesses large and small to ensure a safe and secure way for clients and employees to access deliveries around the clock. Take a look at some of the top benefits of parcel lockers. 

Electronically Logged Deliveries

One of the top reasons companies like parcel lockers is the ability to track deliveries and pick-ups. Without parcel lockers, packages are delivered in bulk. Then an employee or mailroom attendant must process the packages and be available during working hours to hand packages to recipients as they come by for pick-up. 

Packages need to be processed and monitored, requiring at least one dedicated staff member, which results in high costs. Plus, when you have more hands processing packages, you risk the inevitability of human error. 

Parcel lockers ensure the delivery is logged at the time it is placed in the locker by the carrier. Then the parcel is logged when the recipient picks it up. This eliminates the need for another person to handle the package other than the carrier, making this process as close to carrier-to-recipient as possible. 

Secure Delivery

Electronically logged deliveries create ease and convenience in the delivery process while ensuring security by reducing the number of people who handle the parcel between when the carrier delivers the package and when the recipient picks it up.

Companies, multifamily residential complexes, and others choose parcel lockers because of the added security. Parcel lockers require a key, not the honor system. The delivery is placed directly from the carrier to the locker. The carrier locks it, and the key is left in a secure location for the recipient. Thus, the entire process of package delivery from the carrier to the recipient is safe and secure. 

Access 24/7

Once a package is delivered to a parcel locker, it’s available for pick-up by the recipient. As long as the parcel lockers are located in a place recipients can access 24/7, the package is available for pick-up at any time. 

This eliminates the need for a mailroom attendant or other staff to monitor packages after delivery. Day and night access creates a significant benefit - convenience. And convenience improves the client and employee experience. 

Notification Upon Arrival

Parcel lockers can be configured in several ways. There are also upgrades and various models that can boost the customer satisfaction experience. Many parcel lockers are Smart Parcel Lockers. 

Utilizing Smart Parcel Lockers means the locker is set up to notify the company, if relevant, and the recipient that a package was delivered. Alternatively, a mailroom attendant must generate the notification that a package was delivered and is awaiting pick-up in a mailroom. Automating this step adds another layer of convenience to the client experience and another example of better ROI with parcel lockers. 

Automatically Courier Accepted

Many packages require a photo to prove that the item was delivered, but someone can get to the package before the recipient. Also, many packages require a signature to prove that the package was received. 

When you use parcel lockers, the package is automatically considered received because of the added security. It’s the best way to ensure courier-to-recipient delivery without the courier actually handing the package directly to the client. For this reason, a parcel locker is considered the equivalent of a signature on delivery. 

A Win-Win for Building Managers and Consumers

Building managers, whether at a company or residential location, benefit from the use of parcel lockers. They are better for the bottom line with a strong ROI. And they are more effective, secure, and profitable than keeping a mailroom attendant just to ensure packages get handed off to the recipient. Plus, the recipients, whether employees, residents, or customers, benefit significantly from increased security and convenience. 

Faster Delivery at a Lower Cost

The more hands that have to handle a package, the more likely it will get lost, damaged, or delayed. Typically mailrooms are only manned during regular business hours, which can also delay delivery if those hours don't work for the recipient. 

By adding parcel lockers to the premises, packages can be picked up as soon as the recipient can get there, regardless of mailroom hours. And parcel lockers cost considerably less than paying staff to work the mailroom after hours. 

Boost Employee Satisfaction

When recipients include employees, such as in a corporate or company setting, they get the satisfaction and convenience of picking up their packages when their schedule allows. They don’t have to skip calls or cut a meeting short just to make it to the mailroom before it closes. 

In addition, mailroom attendants report a higher sense of job satisfaction. They are removed from the responsibility of package tracking, which inevitably leads to occasional delays or misplaced packages for which they are held accountable. Perhaps more importantly, mailroom employees are also freed up to handle other tasks that require their attention. In most cases, those additional duties do not equate to the menial work of processing packages, which leads to better workplace satisfaction. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding whether to invest in parcel delivery lockers is a no-brainer for any organization. They have a strong ROI, encourage workplace satisfaction, serve a higher customer experience, ensure the safety and security of property, and are more convenient and cost-effective than any alternative. 

Contact the professionals at All Copy Products to learn more, and discover how the right parcel lockers can revolutionize your mailroom deliverables.

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