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October 6, 2023
Michelle Lievense Portrait
Michelle Lievense
October 6, 2023

New or Refurbished Copiers: Which is Better?

refurbished copiers
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Multifunction printers are often the heart of the in-person office and team productivity. It’s where the team makes progress on projects, where they put finishing touches on presentation materials, and so much more. When the copier isn’t working or needs to be upgraded, the copy room can be the source of frustration and work backlogs. Buying used copiers or brand new equipment is a common question for such a big-ticket item. Here is what you need to consider to make the best decision about buying a used copier or something brand new. 

What is a refurbished copier?

First, keep in mind that there is a difference between a used and a refurbished copier. Used copiers are those machines that are returned to the dealer in good shape with some use. Refurbished copiers had so much wear-and-tear that they had to be rebuilt. Both used and refurbished copiers are in working condition at the time of sale.  

Pros of Buying Refurbished Copiers

Refurbished copiers have pros and cons to consider before making a purchase. Compare these quick tips to the benefits of buying a new machine and decide what best suits your office needs. 

refurbished copiers

#1 Lower Cost

Buying a copier at a lower price certainly has its advantages. The savings can be significant. Just be sure to do your shopping. Unfortunately, not all refurbished copiers are alike. They may be in working order, but there is no standard or oversight on the sale of refurbished copiers. So, making your decision strictly based on price may mean you overlook the quality of its printing capabilities.

#2 More Environmental Friendly

While new copiers are designed to be environmentally friendly, they also have numerous bells and whistles that make them energy guzzlers. Used copiers and refurbished copiers will likely use less energy because they don’t have all the extra capabilities that can drain electricity and toner. That said, refurbished or used copiers may not be as efficient as they once were because of age and wear-and-tear on the parts that weren’t replaced. So it’s a good idea to find out how much use the copier went through prior to refurbishment.  

Risks of Buying Refurbished Copiers

There are several risks associated with refurbished and used copiers. The following three points are the most important to be aware of prior to making a purchase decision. 

refurbished copiers

#1 Copiers Burn Out

All copiers burn out sooner or later. It’s likely a refurbished copier that has already burned out at least once will burn out much sooner than a new copier, even if the used copier is in great shape. If you won’t use the copier much, burnout won’t be much of a concern. However, if you have a busy office that will regularly rely on the copier for projects, particularly on a deadline, it might not be worth it to invest in an older machine. 

#2 It Has Wear-And-Tear

Even though it’s “like new,” it’s still used. All the parts and joints have some level of use. Even if they didn’t start out on the same machine, they most likely have usage from another salvaged machine. So, even though the machine is in working order and should remain so for a while yet, all parts have some sort of wear-and-tear. It’s worth considering if you will rely upon your copier for ongoing high-quality work. 

#3 Higher Chances of Electrical Problems

Even though this machine may have been reassembled and is working, electrical system problems are tough to anticipate. They are the most unpredictable and the most susceptible to developing problems during the refurbishment process. When buying used copiers, which may be newer and in better shape than a refurbished copier, an unpredictable electrical system could be the reason it was returned. 

Pros of Buying New Copiers

New copiers are exciting, shiny, and new. But what are the specific benefits of a new copier over buying a used copier? Find out below. 

refurbished copiers

#1 Security

The number one reason a new copier has more value than a refurbished, or used copier is security. Cybersecurity is the most emergent threat facing businesses today. Copiers are an access point to intranets, databases, email, contact info, and other sensitive information. Newer machines have the latest security software and the best cybersecurity defenses built-in. Older machines only have the best defenses that were known at the time their model was released. Therefore, they will be behind the newer models with the latest technology. 

#2 New Features

New copiers have the latest features, including software that can mesh with apps from the marketplace. That means new copiers have more capabilities and more options for customization to the team and their specific needs. 

#3 Upgrading and Parts

New copiers are often supported by a dealer warranty and are more commonly supported by a manufacturer’s warranty. As a result, finding parts and getting service for new machines is much easier. Plus, maintenance engineers are trained on the latest machines, meaning any maintenance and repairs are easily repaired compared to older models. 

Risks of Buying New Copiers

Buying a new copier for your business can be a significant investment, and like any major purchase, it comes with its share of risks and considerations. Here are some of the potential risks of buying new copiers:

refurbished copiers

#1 Cost

New copiers can be expensive, and the upfront cost can strain your budget. Additionally, there may be hidden costs such as installation, maintenance, and supplies like toner and paper.

#2 Training and Learning Curve

New copiers often come with advanced features and interfaces. Your staff may need time to learn how to use them efficiently, which can temporarily impact productivity.

Final Thoughts

Decide for yourself whether new or used copiers are best for your office needs. Refurbished and used copiers have some notable risks. However, the benefits, particularly the low cost of buying used copiers, are a significant draw. Comparatively, new copiers have a great deal of value, especially regarding the latest security, features, and repair certainties. 

If you are shopping for a copier, reach out to the professionals at All Copy Products. They’ll help you evaluate the risks and benefits, so you pick the perfect machine for your office and the needs of your team.

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