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Managed IT Services
Published on
August 13, 2021
Michelle Lievense Portrait
Michelle Lievense
August 13, 2021

Saving Time and Money Through Managed IT Services

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Time and money are two of the most highly sought-after limited resources any business can try to manage. So whenever there’s an opportunity to earn a little more of either, attention should be paid. Managed IT services are an outstanding opportunity to save both time and money in the long term with minimal front-loaded effort on the part of management. By outsourcing IT services, every business will gain improved productivity and functionality on top of more secure IT provisions - and of course, time and money.

Benefits that managed IT service provide

Take a look at this impressive list of the many benefits provided by managed IT services.

  • Discover how managed IT services save time and money.
  • Learn about the additional benefits of outsourced IT.  
  • And find out who is the best choice when considering a managed IT services partner.

Reduced expenses

Maintaining an in-house IT team has a few benefits. It means there is someone on-site to take care of any emergent challenges immediately. And it means there is a go-to person who will provide on-site asset management for other on-site staff. However, many organizations are remote or have remote hybrid teams, making a full-time on-site, in-house IT department less useful. 

Instead, organizations discover immense savings when they outsource their IT services. They don’t have to pay for full-time staff that may or may not remain busy the entire time. They don’t have to pay added benefits and hours. Instead, organizations only pay for the work they receive. And outsourced IT services can provide all the same remote monitoring and asset management as any in-house team. 

Improved focus

When organizations outsource their IT services, they can reach into an employment pool with ideal qualifications worldwide. When the right people are hired for the right jobs, the rest of the organization can focus on their jobs. 

For those organizations that already have a fully remote IT department, keep in mind that the staff were hired individually and are learning to work together. When an organization hires a managed IT service provider, they hire experienced professionals who are accountable to the hiring organization, and the managed IT provider. That kind of accountability leads to consistency and quality. 

Free up internal resources

For on-site companies, choosing managed IT services means skipping the need for office space, which saves money and other resources. For fully remote teams, managed IT services take security and asset management off your plate. 

When your team is in-house, whether remote or not, it leads to the need for management, HR, and other resources. Free up those internal resources and apply them to other teams that will be able to offer a higher ROI. 

Decrease capital outlay

Capital outlay is the money an organization spends to acquire, maintain, repair, or upgrade capital assets, which includes the technology and equipment needed to keep the business running. 

When managed IT services are utilized, the organization can benefit from the peace of mind that they have a 24x7 team looking after their security. In addition, this team minimizes downtime and provides fast solutions so that capital can be spent elsewhere, allowing for growth and improved returns.  

Control labor costs

Consider that hiring an employee takes a significant investment of time and money. Just finding the right person and going through the interview process requires resources. Add to that the onboarding process, including paperwork, training, and ensuring there is oversight. 

Plus, benefits costs and employment taxes add up. Instead, managed IT services take all of that time and investment off of a hiring manager’s plate. Instead, the organization invests a small amount of time in finding the right provider - the provider takes care of the rest. 

Gain access to experts in their field

Unlike hiring a person or group of people with specific skills and levels of expertise, managed IT services mean the organization has access to a variety of highly skilled experts in their field. 

The right person or people will be engaged for any necessary tasks, rather than making the best of an in-house team that may or may not have the requisite skills for every scenario the organization may face. 

Access and Support

Managed IT services mean the organization can rest easy with the peace of mind that their IT team is always available. Every day and evening, there is someone monitoring and troubleshooting security and other challenges as they arise. If there’s an emergency late at night or in the early hours of the day, a managed IT service will be there to offer fast solutions with the right experts every time. 

An in-house team will need to work the problem when they are on shift, and you’ll only receive the help that person or team is qualified to diagnose and solve. A managed IT service will always have the right people for the situation, giving you a custom mix of expertise for every problem.

Access to the Latest Technologies

One of the largest investments of time and money is requiring an in-house team to remain up-to-date on the latest technology. Each employee needs to be well-versed in a variety of current challenges while creating plans on how to protect the business. Plus, they need to stay on top of their day-to-day workload and tech advancements in their areas of specialty.

When you hire an IT-managed service provider, you’re not hiring individual team members. You’re hiring a service that sources the top talent in multiple areas. Meaning you gain access to the knowledge and expertise you need most at any given time. That means you can get real answers and solutions faster than an in-house team. 

Disaster planning and protection

Every company needs a disaster plan. They need to plan for the worst, whether they are a brick-and-mortar, digital, or hybrid company. And while brick-and-mortar companies need the addition of a plan for natural disasters, everyone needs a disaster plan for their digital assets, possible breaches, and overall security.

It’s easy for an in-house team to get busy with their day-to-day operations. Making a plan and keeping it up to date is rare for in-house teams. Even when they do their best, they don’t always have the expertise necessary to anticipate multiple scenarios and responses. A managed IT service will stay on top of planning and always implement the plan with agility and know-how. 

Final thoughts

In-house IT teams can serve many purposes and may do a great job. However, hiring a managed IT service will ensure you save time and money while getting access to the expertise and talent you need when you need it. 

The right managed IT service provider will create and execute the plan should an IT or related disaster occur. Plus, they’ll free up resources so you can invest in other areas of the business that will ensure the company grows successfully. 

Ask the professionals at All Copy Products about their managed IT services. They’ll be able to match you to the right services for your company and the risks you face while ensuring you'll save money and enjoy added productivity. 

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