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Press Release
Published on
January 22, 2021
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Chris Williams
January 22, 2021

Time Business System Press Release

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In an effort to continue providing its customers with superior service and state-of-the-art technology to its clients, All Copy Products (ACP) has announced a merger with Time Business Systems. Time Business Systems (TBS) has been a highly-respected and integral part of the greater Denver IT industry since 1981.

ACP is regarded across the Rocky Mountain Region as an innovator and industry leader amongst office equipment and technology providers. Mergers, such as this merger with TBS, give ACP the ability to expand its offerings and develop new ways to empower their clients to achieve their business goals.

Brad Knepper - President & CEO of All Copy Products – said, “ACP is continually searching for the best ways to help support our clients and we believe this merger with TBS will not only allow us to offer enhanced technology and support to them, but will also provide TBS’s loyal customers with new services and solutions. I am looking forward to working alongside the TBS team and continuing to provide their customers with the same quality of service they have become accustomed to receiving from TBS.”

Gary Clark - Owner of Time Business Systems - is optimistic about the merger with ACP saying, “I am excited about the merger of Time Business Systems and All Copy Products and the benefits it will bring to our loyal customers. With the merger of TBS and ACP, our customers will receive more timely, professional service and a whole complement of products and services offered by ACP. Many of our customers are already benefiting from the various products and services offered by ACP.”

About All Copy Products

Since 1975, ACP has been helping businesses succeed by serving as their one-stop shop for all of their office technology needs. ACP is the largest privately-owned office technology provider in the Rocky Mountain Region and employs over 400 individuals across 13 offices in 6 states. Striving to continually evolve and anticipate business needs, ACP serves as its clients’ trusted source for finding the perfect solution to their current and future needs.

About Time Business Systems

TBS has been supporting the Denver area as a full-service business phone system company providing system solutions for businesses since it was founded in 1981. TBS’s goal is to help companies by taking the confusion out of choosing the best business phone system for them. Known for their excellent customer service and expert knowledge regarding IT phone systems, TBS has received an A+ rating from the BBB every year since 1983.

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