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June 18, 2024
Andrew Goodwin Headshot
Andrew Goodwin
June 18, 2024

What Are The Benefits of Solar-Powered Security Towers For Your Business?

Falcon Security Tower
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Today’s ever-changing business landscape has brought security to the forefront of importance more and more. With technology and business growth continuing to expand across the country and world, the need for robust and reliable security where you conduct business has never been greater. Perhaps the most effective and the most simple solution for crime deterrence and recording are the revolutionary Falcon solar-powered portable security towers. These towers have so many benefits, so let’s unpack the main reasons why your business will be much safer and more profitable with these towers on your business site. 

Advanced Visibility

Falcon towers are equipped with the latest security technology that provides the most advanced level of remote crime deterrence you can find. From 360-degree, high-definition cameras and motion sensors to night vision and remote livestream viewing capabilities, one tower will provide a full range of crystal-clear security footage at all times. With real-time crime detection coupled with alerts to your phone, these towers enable a far faster response to security incidents than other security systems on the market. This means that wherever you’re located, business owners can pull out their phone and have live access to exactly what’s going on around their business site. 

Cost Efficiency & Savings

Traditional security systems can be a major headache of complexity. You have extensive wiring, camera attachment in hard-to-reach places, regular maintenance, or even a full-time security staff on deck. These towers reduce almost all of these regular security costs, because it is all packaged into one self-contained, fully-functioning tower. In addition, in the event of a situation where you need security for one location one day and a different location the next, you don’t need to hire more labor and materials to set up additional permanent security infrastructure. Simply place the towers wherever you need security and you are good to go!

Crime Deterrence & Prevention

The mere presence of security cameras act as an extremely powerful deterrent to crime and other unauthorized activities. Sometimes, however, a permanent camera is harder to see and therefore not as effective in deterring potential crime. But when criminals see a mobile security tower placed precisely where they want crime to be prevented, there is much less to worry about. Despite these towers being the best way to document and react to security incidents, they are arguably even better at preventing crime from even occurring in the first place. Talk about a worthwhile investment. 

Where can Security Towers be Used?

Falcon towers can be deployed anywhere there is a business site with outdoor space, but here are some key examples of where their deployment would be an especially perfect addition to your operations:

Construction Sites

Construction sites are highly vulnerable to theft, vandalism and ransacking, making them an ideal location to install a security tower. Construction sites are by their nature an outdoor operation, so there is often nothing to prevent criminals from wandering in and committing crimes. Security towers can be placed almost anywhere on most construction sites, making them a phenomenal deterrent of crime.

Public Events & Gatherings 

Crowded places where you must be prepared for anything are another ideal contender for solar-powered security towers. Events such as festivals, concerts, sports events, and political rallies must have security of some kind, and these towers not only provide 24/7 livestreaming of everything going on, but prevent the need for expensive security personnel. They are especially helpful in these places because some venues are a one-and-done deal, meaning it would not make sense to ever install permanent security infrastructure at those public events. 

Parking Lots & Garages

Does your place of business have a parking lot or garage? If yes, then you know that these big spaces are ripe for crime, especially at night. Place a security tower in the middle of the lot or inside the garage and you are guaranteed to see less crime and suspicious activity like car break-ins or drug activity. 

Remote & Rural Areas

Mobile solar-powered security towers are ideal for places that do not have access to electricity or where installing permanent security is unfeasible. Because they are fully solar-powered and come with a generator and strong battery, they can be placed anywhere and easily transported to wherever you need them.


Falcon security towers are a significant step forward in creating crime-free places of business. As businesses face increased challenges with security and suspicious patterns of activity, these towers offer a highly effective, cost saving, portable, and eco-friendly solution. Their highly advanced cameras, motion sensors, night vision, and 24/7 livestream access make these towers the most comprehensive security solution that you’ll find anywhere. And because they are deployable almost anywhere, businesses and their assets & personnel are guaranteed to benefit from the security enhancements offered by solar-powered security towers.

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