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Meridian Title Company
May 25, 2023

Meridian Title Company

Driving Expansion Through Uncertainty

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Office Copiers/Print Management
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Consistent Cash Flow is King

Meridian Title Company is in a famously cash-cyclical industry. So, for companies like Meridian, it is imperative to have predictable cash flows due to the unpredictable nature of the economy, as revenue is closely tied to its ebbs and flows. This becomes especially true when looking to expand operations. 

When TJ Carley was in the early stages of his title business, efficiency was low. His printing and copying were done on machines bought outright, sending frequent shocks to his cash flow when upgrades and maintenance were needed. Hundreds of sheets of paper in his closing packages were in use every day, but the machines were slow and unreliable, requiring him and his team to frequently get up and leave their workstations. His already unpredictable business was hindered by the disturbances of equipment purchases and their unreliabilities. If his business was going to grow, he would need to find a way to keep his expenditures consistent and his day-to-day efficiency at a predictable and high level.  

Solutions Right Out of the Gate

Carley’s idea of what his company could become changed forever after hearing about ACP at a business referral group. He hopped on the phone with a sales consultant soon after, and it stood out immediately that his needs and challenges were being seriously listened to. His sales representative told him how he can now lease his equipment instead of purchasing upfront, immediately solving a major element of his cash flow dilemma and allowing him to safely stay within budget. As the conversation went on, he learned about all the other technology equipment and services offered by ACP. In front of him was an all-in-one office technology supplier that was the missing link between his dreams of expansion and making it happen. 

“I really wish that I had met with ACP a few years prior to when I did. I didn’t realize all the other parts of the company and the different legs that ACP has, as far as technology is concerned”, he said. He compared the “right out of the gate” ACP experience to his earlier days of trying to piece everything together over time. It’s why, since that first meeting with ACP, Carley hasn’t taken a meeting with any other supply dealer. 

Innovation Saves

Today, Meridian Title is a large company whose office equipment logistics are out of sight, out of mind. The personal relationship that TJ has with ACP means that not only does Meridian now have reliable equipment and cash flow, but he’s consistently getting tips on where the company can save some money. In addition, their frequent equipment upgrades come with complimentary in-person demonstrations to assist with the transition to new machines, which Carley described as “very forward thinking.” The company is now a happy user of ACP’s IP phone systems as well.

“There’s a lot of companies that aren’t always out there on the leading edge of what’s going on, and I feel like ACP is,” he continued. “I can pick up a phone and say ‘Hey, I’m opening another office and I need a piece of equipment,’ and they can just add right on to what I’ve already got.” 

With a goal as lofty as creating a growing and profitable business, you can’t do it alone - and you can’t feel like you’re just a number when working with your technology suppliers. When somebody is listening to your needs and offering personalized suggestions and solutions, dreams can become closer to reality with every passing day, no matter the industry.