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Sharp Copiers

The engineers at Sharp design their copiers to maintain an extraordinary standard of precision,  workflow efficiency, and image quality. With a fleet of devices that never compromise on the basics like copying, printing, faxing, and scanning, Sharp copiers are a perfect option for the business looking to go further.
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Sharp Production Copier

Why Choose a Sharp Copier?

Sharp's multifunction printers integrate the features of many different office machines into a single device, conserving space and eliminating the need to maintain multiple machines. Choosing a Sharp machine from ACP ensures complete technical support and the opportunity to benefit from additional helpful services only found at a local dealer.

The iconic brand has built a reputation around the globe as a dependable technology manufacturer. Just like the rest of their world-class products, Sharp's multifunction printers are designed to be more intuitive and faster than the competition.

Sharp understands just how crucial copiers are to the productivity and performance of any office. That’s why they ensure that every copier is as easy as possible to:

• Control
• Maintain
• Manage
• Monitor

And, should any technical problem ever arise, Sharp copier service is fast and effective. They put in careful effort to ensure every community in which they operate has access to certified support teams.
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Sharp Copier in Office

Key Features of Sharp Copiers

Partnering with Sharp means you’ll get a copier equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge office equipment technologies, such as:

• A responsive, customizable touchscreen control panel
• Printing from your mobile device
• Sensors that auto-detect document size, orientation and let you set    compression
• A 300-sheet doc feeder that scans up to 280 images per minute
• Inner folding units that support c-fold, z-fold, half-fold
   and accordion-fold
• Native support for Universal Print
• Linking to Microsoft Teams, which allows you to scan and print directly    from a Teams folder
• Strong Security Features such as BIOS Integrity
• Anti-virus solutions to help keep your documents and data safe
• Soft close drawers to reduce sound and wear & tear

Why Do Businesses Love Sharp Copiers?

• Retractable full-size keyboard for quickly and accurately
   entering information
• SharpDesk scan software lets users convert paper documents into    editable text documents
• Customizable 10.1″ Hi-Def touch-screen display makes it easy to view    and navigate menus
• Dual Scan document feeder scans both sides of an original document    at one time
• Award-winning reliability
• Users can edit documents on-screen and delete blank pages
   BEFORE sending
• Cloud portal and document management integration
• Many more thoughtful options available for businesses, from   expandable memory capabilities and extra paper capacity to   professional finishers and software add-ons.
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Office Sharp Copier

About Sharp

For those who only know Sharp copiers or televisions, you might be surprised to discover that several widely used inventions still used today were born out of the Sharp founder’s mind. The snap buckle and mechanical pencil (Sharp pencils) are two examples of well-known inventions from Tokyo that are still widely used on a global scale. The company also began manufacturing and innovating radios in anticipation of their proliferation.

It’s this history of foresight and innovation that guides the Sharp company’s core values today. They also maintain humanitarian principles by establishing alternative plants and equipment since the 1950s so that they can employ the visually impaired. And they have a widely recognized reputation for delivering high-quality products while also always being good to their employees and giving back to the community.

Sharp has held true to their primary objective of inventing products for the future, not just the short-term needs of the present.

Sharp Copiers For Growing Companies
Sharp Multifunction Copier

A Partnership That Works for You

All Copy Products only partners with the highest-quality, most trusted copier brands on the market. Just like Sharp, we understand that every business is unique and requires custom solutions to meet their exact needs as well as propel them into a successful future.

We listen - really listen - to your goals and needs as a business. Then we match you with the copier solution that will be best for you. We can show you Sharp copiers, but we’ll also happily help you shop all the best copier brands available, such as Konica Minolta, Canon, Toshiba, and more.

Contact the professionals at All Copy Products now to find the best copy and printing solution for your individual business needs.

Contact the professionals at All Copy Products now to find the best copy and printing solution for your individual business needs.

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