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What is a Folder Inserter?

The company mailroom isn’t exactly every entrepreneur’s first stop when thinking about ways to save money and boost productivity. Whether you realize it or not, a streamlined mailroom can have an impact on the bottom line that’s worth noticing.
portable fp folding machine

Features and Specifications of FP Folder Inserter

For those who aren’t sure, a folder inserter quickly folds papers, letters, brochures, and cards. Then it inserts them into your envelopes. It doesn’t sound very ground-breaking until you realize just how long those tasks take when completed by hand.

By relieving staff of the tedious, menial mailroom tasks of folding paper and stuffing envelopes, you save money by redirecting them to more suitable tasks to their skills and abilities that machines can’t do for them. You save time as the folder inserter can do the same job in a fraction of the time of any human. And you boost morale. People want to feel useful. Assigning them to more meaningful tasks will provide a sense of accomplishment and value. Plus, there is the benefit of knowing every fold is crisp and professional.

All documents can be collated and organized automatically. And you can rest assured that the right folder inserter can track barcodes, allowing it to ensure the right letter is matched to the right envelope, every time. This is not only crucial to avoid costly mailing errors, but it serves as a security measure as well.

The folder inserter is a vital business asset and a key indicator that you’ve modernized and streamlined your mailroom.

professional fp folder inserter machine
fp folder inserter machine

FP Folder Inserter Products ACP Provides

The professionals at All Copy Products are dedicated to making sure you get the perfect custom solution for your business needs. Choose from desktop folder inserters that will ease the workload of monthly or quarterly mailings. Or select a high-volume system that will deliver non-stop collating, folding, stuffing for anyone doing bulk weekly or even daily mailings.  

Whatever folder inserter you choose, you’ll be saving money and boosting efficiency. Even our most modest desktop solution is ten times faster than the average human at the same tasks. Imagine the lightning fast characteristics of other, larger models. Now imagine what you could get done. More mailings? A further reach to more clients? Better marketing?

As you work your way up to the enterprise-level equipment, you’ll find machines engineered to be a workhorse. Plus, enjoy fully customizable configurations and the ability to prioritize projects so you can process critical mailings and day-to-day workloads without ever worrying about a breakdown, a paper jam, or another call to the maintenance technician.

Every company deserves to have the best possible options at their fingertips. Work with ACP to find out what you really need and how it can transform and streamline your mailroom while impacting your bottom line.

For more information on how ACP’s mailing systems can benefit your business, contact us today!

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