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What are Parcel Lockers?

If you haven’t heard of parcel lockers, you and your team are missing out. Parcel lockers are versatile, functional, and perhaps surprisingly, increase team productivity. A parcel locker is a safe, secure, and convenient way for companies and their workers to receive and store items. For many companies, workers simply use their lockers as a way to store their belongings while at work. For most companies, parcel lockers are used to receive and store packages until the receiver is ready to retrieve their delivery. Find out more about the variety of features and benefits parcel lockers offer, and some of the ways you can utilize these unsung heroes of exchange and storage.
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Features and Specifications of Parcel Lockers

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Parcel lockers come in several shapes and sizes, just like they come with several possible purposes, and innumerable benefits.
Parcel lockers can be selected according to the footprint you have available and the number of lockers you prefer. Freestanding lockers mean you can install them anywhere on your property that’s convenient for your needs.

Wall mounted lockers tend to be used in the employee break room or the mailroom. They’re perfect for packages, employee belongings, and other uses. Choose among floor-to-ceiling models or opt for lockers that will suit the room, such as cabinet height or countertop installations.

Custom parcel lockers are also available so that your office or building can have the ideal solution designed for your unique needs.

Finally, choose from key lockers, combination locks, or high-security USPS approved parcel lockers.

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How Parcel Lockers Work?

To deliver the parcel, the courier simply enters an access code, or turns the key at the parcel locker kiosk. Couriers receive this information from the property manager or company in advance. They place the delivery into the appropriate locker. If you purchase an automated parcel locker, the recipient will be instantly notified on their mobile device or via email that they have received a delivery. Along with the notification will be a unique code that is used to pick up their package. When the recipient collects their package, they can scan their access code to open the corresponding locker.  

Commercial office buildings use parcel lockers to receive packages for the various companies housed in the same building. Apartments and multifamily rentals use parcel lockers to provide a safe, secure place for residents to receive packages without having to go by the rental office to pick them up in person, or risk having parcels left on their doorstep. Workers who stay on-site for periods of time, such as remote work locations, are able to receive their packages this way.

In addition to securely receiving packages, parcel lockers are also used for other purposes. For example, tall parcel lockers are used in executive suites to allow dry cleaning deliveries where on-site laundry services are offered. Increasingly, prescription medications are delivered to parcel lockers in elder care facilities and schools, such as universities. And meal kits, groceries, and other deliveries that have an expiration date are delivered to refrigerated parcel lockers in luxury dwellings and smart homes rentals complexes.

Additional Benefits and Features
of Parcel Lockers
  • Eliminate the lengthy process of accepting, logging, sorting, and distributing packages. Save an average of 24-hours of staff time each week for organizations that have to receive 60 or more packages per week.
  • Automated parcel lockers will often integrate with existing mail tracking software to make the addition of parcel lockers as efficient as possible.
  • You significantly reduce package delivery time because deliveries go straight from the courier to the parcel locker.
  • Eliminating package liability for missed deliveries and theft for incoming packages
  • Boosting overall security of all deliveries because packages can be secured in parcel lockers, and parcel lockers can be installed in the most secure well lit areas, by design.
  • Make the retrieval of packages and interoffice deliveries drastically faster and easier.
  • Provide instant notifications that alert recipients when a package arrives.
  • Offer a variety of custom colors and wraps to match any building aesthetics.
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Parcel Lockers ACP provides

Parcel lockers offer countless solutions for a variety of challenges. Whether you need a full suite of locker options, or you just need a secure place to receive mailroom boxes so they don’t get piled in the mailroom, there’s a solution available for you.

At All Copy Products, we’re experts at finding custom solutions that will suit any organization’s unique needs. We partner with the best manufacturers and negotiate rates with those who provide the highest quality full-service solutions.

Contact a professional at All Copy Products to find solutions that will make your team more efficient, reduce staff hours sorting mail, or just provide a secure place for residents, workers, executives, and others to receive their packages with the peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

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